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Creating the Perfect Home Workout Routine for your Body Type

Making a perfect workout routine is generally not the easiest process. This becomes more complicated if you want to work out from home, and especially if you're looking to find the best workout routine for your specific body type. In addition to this, one of the biggest obstacles is to remain motivated throughout the process. These are some of the best steps on how to make the perfect home workout routine for body type and to stay motivated in the process.

Know your body 

Contrary to popular belief there are only a few body types out there. No matter if you are a man or a woman, every body is specific in its own unique way. However, there are some general rules and regulations that have been identified which can help you perfect your workout routine specific for your body type. The body type is the bigger picture and can be easily identified by drawing an outline in your mirror and comparing it to the known and most common body types that can be easily found online since there are many resources on the topic. Another thing worth mentioning is that everybody has their quirks no matter what their body type is. For example, you could have larger thighs or shoulders and you may need to adjust your workout to benefit your body's needs (in this case to avoid muscle-building exercises for thighs and shoulders). Essentially it all comes down to knowing your body, which muscle groups to target, how will the workout reflect your overall body type, and which exercises to avoid if you have any previous injuries. Knowing your own body is a prerequisite for getting it exactly the kind of workout it needs to be very functional and ultimately aesthetically pleasing, not to mention the health factor.

Make a workout space 

A big part of making a perfect home workout routine for your body type is to make a proper space where you will be exercising. Having a workout space will help set the tone for the workout, give you the motivation to work out, and it will certainly be a good visual cue. Contrary to popular belief you won't need tons and tons of space to set all your equipment for a home work out. Most people are working with very little apartment space in general which should not be discouraging to create at least a small corner for exercising. Furthermore, if you're pressed for space you may want to move your couch from time to time to create extra space for your home gym. Once you've found the proper space, the only thing remaining is to keep yourself motivated. It's no surprise that people generally need a little bit of motivation to work out in the gym and even to do a workout at home. You can impact your motivation levels by implementing various methods such as scheduling your workouts even though they're at home or any other means that can easily be found online on blog posts from motivation experts.

Make an exercise plan 

Last but not least, to make the perfect home workout for body type you should create an exercise plan that you will follow to the point, and not only that you will have to adjust your diet according too. Having an exercise planned right in front of you will help you determine which days you will have to work out so you could better put it in your schedule. This also has a positive mental impact because it will keep you motivated for longer and motivation is something that people usually struggle with when they have to work out. Exercise plans can vary greatly depending on what you want to achieve, if you want to build more muscle mass, add muscle-building exercises such as lifting weights, and if you want to slim down you should focus more on the cardio exercises such as rowing. No matter what kind of exercise you opt for, be sure to put it in your calendar, split it into a few days and stick to the program. In addition to this, always be sure to eat healthy food and mind your calorie intake especially if you are looking to lose some weight. 

Once you figure out your body time it will be much easier to make an exercise regimen for your specific needs. The only thing that remains is to put the exercise schedule in your calendar and to find other means to remain motivated. Motivation is very brittle and it lasts only a few seconds. This is why it's all the more important to implement different motivational techniques in your day-to-day life.

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