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Understanding the Types of Undergarments for Men

There are things that we should be able to discuss if it means it will give us comfort. People feel awkward asking their friends or relatives about the best undergarment they can wear. It is essential to feel comfortable while wearing your underwear as it can make or break your day. Many men don't know (or sometimes don't even care) what type of underwear they are wearing, and they don't know what options are best for them. You should understand the different types of undergarments for men to know which will suit you better, or which one you would like to try (be adventurous!). In this article, we will list the types of underwear and how they are suitable for different men.


Boxers are more loose-fitting and breathable than other types of undergarments. Most boxers have a fly to offer an exit route for quick bathroom visits. However, they don’t offer any support for the package which can be bothersome if you wear baggy clothes. There are countless types of boxers so you’ll definitely find the right fit for you. They are great for everyday wear and their designs range from elegant to funny. If boxers are too loose, they might wrinkle under your jeans, so make sure to get ones that fit you well.


Briefs were the standard and only type for men’s underwear for a very long time. It is not a surprise that it was the dominant type as it is comfortable and gives excellent support to the package. Briefs can be worn on any occasion and you won’t feel they're getting in the way. They also come with a fly, and though they used to come in white only, nowadays you can find different designs and colours available. 

Boxer Briefs 

As the name suggests, the boxer brief is a hybrid of boxers and briefs that merges the advantages of both. Boxer briefs are as long as boxers but they are tighter which gives the same level of support as briefs. They reach halfway down the thighs and rise over the waist a little. They are also great for everyday wear and physical activities. Boxer briefs are better for tall men as they cover a big part of the thigh which won’t make them look extremely tall.


Jockstraps had many names throughout the years such as posing pouches, athletic supporters, or simply jocks. Nowadays, it is affiliated with sexiness, but jockstrap underwear for men has been used by athletes since the 1800s. A jockstrap has an elastic waistband and a frontal pouch that are connected by two leg bands. The front pouch usually has a cup that is made of impact-resistant plastic to add extra protection, especially during intense sports. They can be worn to feel sexy or for sport, and they come in different designs and colours. 


Trunks became extremely popular since they fall between briefs and boxer briefs. They give the same support to the package as briefs, but they are shorter than boxer briefs which makes them more comfortable and you won’t feel them during the day. Trunks are square-shaped and they are great for everyday wear and moderate physical activities. Trunks look awesome on short men as they don’t make them look short and they go well with their body shape.


You must be an adventurous soul to wear a G-string as it is not made for hiding. G-strings cover the bare minimum with a front pouch connected to the waistband with a thin piece of fabric. It leaves the buttocks completely exposed. Instead of going commando, many men prefer to wear a G-string underneath their pants. G-strings are not made for everyday wear or physical activities, but it is more of a statement piece for men. You can buy them from online retailers and they come in different shapes, colours and sizes. 

Knowing the difference between various types of undergarments will help you choose the right one for you. If you have a slim body, you might opt for tighter fits such as trunks and briefs as loose-fitting underwear will make you look skinny or bony. Tall guys have spare legs to cover and that’s why longer underwear suits them better, while shorter guys need tight and short underwear such as briefs, as longer types will make them look shorter. Consider buying high-quality underwear because the fabric is essential in keeping you comfortable throughout the day. It is also important to get underwear with breathable fabric as you don’t want to get stuffy down there, especially on hot days.

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