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Men's Products That'll Help You Take Care of Your Skin

Skincare regimens for most men can be a foreign far-fetched concept. Most men are less aware of factors that affect their skin health compared to women, and they don’t feel the need to have a skincare routine. They probably think having a nice shave in the morning and maybe some aftershave is sufficient for their skin. But men need to take care of their skin just as much as women, if not more. Many aspects affect men’s skin health. Men are exposed to sunlight and have bigger pores that are more prone to collecting toxins and air pollutants during the day, causing damage to their skin. Even shaving improperly can lead to skin dryness and other symptoms that can all be prevented by using a simple skincare regimen. Here are a few products for men to help them take care of their skin properly.

Daily Facial Wash

A good rule of thumb is to wash your face with a mild face cleanser twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed. Men should wash off any dirt or toxins they gather throughout the day. Their skin contains more oils than women’s skin, which makes men more susceptible to acne, so it’s important to clean any excess oils daily. Aim for a sulfate-free, gentle wash to avoid skin dryness and chafing. Regular cleansing will clear out your pores and help maintain their size, which ultimately aids in preventing acne formation. Clean skin can better absorb moisturizing products that hydrate your skin and keep it healthy.

Shakeup Cosmetics
Shakeup Cosmetics


Skin tends to dry with age, so you’ll need a good moisturizer which features the ingredient saw palmetto. You should apply after cleansing your face or after shaving and before you sleep. If you shave regularly, you should moisturize your face for a soothing effect after exfoliation. Aim for a product that’s free from chemicals that may damage your skin. Try out some vegan skincare options that are more natural and environment-friendly. If your skin is sensitive, get a fragrance-free cream with vitamins and antioxidants, which contain anti-aging properties. Ask for a moisturizer that’s suitable for your skin, whether it’s oily, dry, or a combination of both. The right product will help retain your skin’s hydration and lead to a healthy complexion. 


This is the one product you should never ignore when going out during the day. Harmful rays can lead to not only dry skin, wrinkles, and age spots but also dangerous diseases like skin cancer or melanoma. Men are less likely to apply sunscreen than women because most consider it a feminine product. They also might not like how greasy it feels on their skin. If that’s the case, you should aim for a transparent, water-resistant sunscreen that is easily absorbed and resists sweat and moisture while you’re outside or on the beach. It’s also a good idea to apply it after your morning shave so you’re all set before heading out.

LifeJacket Skin Protection
LifeJacket Skin Protection

Shaving Kit 

When buying your shaving products, aim for ones that will adequately hydrate your skin and protect you from razor burn. Every shave exfoliates your skin and exposes a fresh layer of skin cells that need to be protected. Your skin also becomes sensitive afterward so you might want to get a soothing, mild aftershave lotion. Make sure to shave in the same direction your hair grows and to wet your beard well beforehand. Hydrating your hair allows a smoother shave and prevents skin irritation from excessive scraping of your skin. You also want to invest in a high-quality razor for a cleaner shave with fewer strokes. 

Eye Cream 

This may seem like one product too many for any guy who isn’t used to having a skincare routine. But an eye cream will work wonders for your face. A good eye cream will get rid of your dark circles and fine lines and leave your skin looking fresh and healthy. The part under your eyes is even more sensitive than the rest of your face, so you need to choose carefully what you apply there. Use your eye cream twice a day after washing your face, just like your moisturizer, for optimum results.

Finally, the most important thing is to be consistent. Remember to use high-quality products and to always rinse your face with warm water for optimal absorption of your skin products. Before you know it, you’ll get used to taking care of your skin just like you take care of your dental and physical hygiene. You’ll start noticing that your skin looks healthier and feels softer than ever.


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