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See the New anatomé Shoreditch Store

anatomé continues to expand their retail proposition by establishing more premium bricks and mortar stores, with two new residencies in Redchurch Street, E1 and Monmouth Street, WC2.

The Shoreditch store on Redchurch Street opens this month and is a modern-day apothecary offering customers the opportunity to meet with the team of experts and engage with the products in a deeper way. anatome is driven by a simple belief that nutritional and emotional balance is the key to a healthy, fulfilling life and that a healthy, nourished body will support a healthy mind.

Founder Brendan Murdock has further plans for retail growth as he takes the brand into the heart of London communities to integrate and connect with locals to support their health and wellbeing. Brendan launched in 2018 and as the pandemic took hold last Spring, he decided to take the brand into London neighbourhoods to help support local residents living and working from their homes in the area. In September 2020, Chiltern Street, W1, a Kings Road Pop Up, SW1 and a residency in Liberty London all opened in the space of 6 months.

The Redchurch Street store is a huge contemporary space and stands apart from other stores offering a range of unique, bespoke services such as The Sleep Experience, where customers can have their own personal sleep oil blended themselves, The Bath Salt Blending Experience and a new Re-use and Refill station to encourage customers to re-use their packaging/pots for tea, candles and bath salts. The aim is to enhance this new shopping concept to offer a more personal service so the customer can learn, discover and create new collections, bespoke oils, supplements, skincare, teas and bath salts themselves. 

anatomé are working with leading wellbeing experts, through the recent Meet the Experts campaign and partnerships with brands to curate experiential events, workshops, talks and classes throughout Autumn. Experiences such as yoga, Ayurveda and breathwork workshops, meditation, sound baths, cacao ceremonies + raw chocolate making, candle making, oil blending, raw cooking, botanical painting and organic wine tastings are part of the schedule of interactive workshops scheduled.

“It’s an exciting time for anatomé and it’s just so great to be opening in some of my favourite neighbourhoods where people are spending time, shopping, eating and keeping active. Since the pandemic, the importance of integrating and connecting with London communities has led to us expanding the business in these centric locations and investing in more physical retail.” says founder, Brendan Murdock.

The store stays true to the brand’s signature clean, modern design whilst contrasting with murals in colours of pinks, red, blue and green. Brendan worked closely with Geoff Mowlam, an artist and decorative painter who draws on inspiration from the natural world and has interpreted the brand’s essential oils to create murals within each store to reflect their signature elements. 

The Redchurch Residence features a large mural of the ‘Recover and Sleep’ oil which softens the large space and connects the brand’s focus with selecting naturally botanical extracts, whilst Monmouth Street has the herbaceous green tones of support and protection across the back wall. Brendan believes wellness and mindfulness is anchored in colour’s that don’t just express moods or feelings, but importantly, express the vitality of life, of which anatomé seeks to support and nurture. 


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