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Men’s Health in a Post-Pandemic World: The Ultimate Guide

Looking after our health in all aspects is something we are taught from a young age. Being able to identify when something is not right is paramount. At the same time, you want to address these issues that you are experiencing and find a solution to whatever you are going through. 

For the most part, our health is something that we pay attention to on a daily basis. We can recognise when we are feeling unwell or if something does not feel the way it should. On the other hand, it is easy to turn a blind eye to our health concerns, particularly during tense and challenging moments in our lives.

With it estimated around a third of adults in the UK ignored health concerns during the pandemic, some people will undoubtedly be reading this and beyond who fit into this category of people. While there is nothing wrong with doing this, you should address any health concerns you have as soon as possible; this enables you to access any care you might need. 

As we emerge from the tail end of the pandemic, you might find yourself mulling over your individual needs and making proactive plans to get your health concerns addressed as we move forward. Interested in finding out more about your health in a post-pandemic world? Read on for more information.


Physical Health 

There are numerous ways to care for your physical health, of which each differs from the next. While there are differences in how we care for our physical health, there are some areas where it also overlaps. First things first, it is worth remembering that it can be embarrassing to talk about your health concerns with other people. While there are taboo subjects throughout the medical world, being open with your close family and friends, and engaging in discourse surrounding the issue will contribute to reducing this. 

Men are more susceptible to specific health conditions in comparison to women. It is worth making a note of what these health conditions are and then looking out for tell-tale signs. From here, you can make a conscious effort to tackle these health issues as soon as they arrive.

Keeping Active 

Exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet are factors that have been drilled into us from a young age. It can be a bit tedious hearing about it over and over; we have been there ourselves! While that is very well the case, it is something that you should make an effort to consider and implement into your life. 

Exercising and eating healthily will significantly reduce the risk of you developing any underlying health conditions while also keeping you in shape. At the same time, you want to ensure you are exercising at your pace and refrain from pushing yourself too far. Sticking to what your body tells you will ensure you do not injure yourself in any way.


Dental and Oral Hygiene 

Our physical health includes that of our dental health too. With dentist visits put on the backburner throughout the pandemic, you might find yourself in the position where you are planning your next checkup. While waiting lists might be at their highest for some time, there are several dental practices available to book yourself into. Whether you are looking for a dentist in Fulham or in Farnborough, you are spoiled for choice. Offering a multitude of treatments to address a myriad of dental issues, this Fulham dentist and others are on hand to help. 

Much like when caring for other aspects of your physical health, you want to ensure you care for your teeth as best as possible to prevent anything from happening. Eating a balanced diet and brushing your teeth frequently will ensure there are no lingering bits of food. Flossing is often overlooked by many people but is also critical to your overall dental hygiene. Using toothpaste that not only cleans your teeth but which strengthens the enamel will also work wonders in your dental hygiene routine.

D. R. Harris
D. R. Harris

Sexual Health 

Another taboo subject that is not often talked about, but one that is incredibly important. Looking after your sexual health, whether you are sexually active or not, is essential. One of the most common sexual health issues that men face at some point in their lifetime includes sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and erectile dysfunction. 

Practising safe sex by using condoms and other forms of contraception will significantly reduce the risk of contracting an STI. Many factors can cause erectile dysfunction; it can sometimes be challenging to pinpoint precisely what is causing these troubles. Psychological issues can contribute to erectile dysfunction, including feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Lifestyle factors can also contribute towards erectile dysfunction. Reducing your alcohol intake will make a difference in how you are feeling overall. Cutting down on cigarettes that you are smoking is a different way to combat this condition. Consulting with your doctor about signs of erectile dysfunction is the ideal way for addressing an issue like this. They will be able to best advise on how to navigate this process and to get to the bottom of why you are experiencing this in the first place. 

While our physical health is of utmost importance, it is not the only thing we should be focusing on, both in a post-pandemic world and beyond. This takes us to the following section.


Mental Health 

What was once a taboo subject overall has become a more commonly discussed health condition. News reports and research projects throughout the last eighteen months have highlighted the impacts of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns on our mental health. While we recognise it is challenging to open up about these types of health conditions, it makes managing them that little bit easier, both in the short and long-term. As the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Opening up to those around you can be challenging; getting the courage to discuss your emotions, thoughts, and feelings is challenging enough. Understand that you are not the only person to experience the emotions you are feeling. While you might feel alone in this ongoing battle, that is not the case at all. 

The first step to addressing these issues is to acknowledge the feelings that you are experiencing. Once you have understood the emotions you are experiencing, you can work with professionals and use resources to navigate these challenging processes. Exploring the resources that are available to you like Psymplicity will make this overall process that bit easier.  

At the same time, it is worth establishing and setting up coping mechanisms for times when you are particularly struggling. This can include incorporating exercise when you feel tense, keeping a journal detailing your thoughts and feelings, and the most commonly recommended coping mechanism of talking to other people about your feelings.


While this guide has covered some health issues in men, we hope it has shed some light on what men might be facing in the post-pandemic world we find ourselves in. While nothing is to say you will experience what was mentioned here, it is always better to be as prepared as possible. Knowing what is going on and how best to manage symptoms of a condition is paramount to your overall health.

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