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Tech That Will Change the Way We Live

The rate at which technology advances is something that continues to amaze. Just forty years ago, the cooler kids among us would attract admiring glances just by listening to a Sony Walkman, while we would argue over which was better, VHS or Betamax. A decade later and we were all clamouring to get our hands on cell phones.

Nowadays, we can tell Alexa to turn on the lights or to tell us a funny joke, can make payments with our camera phones, wear watches that monitor our health, and even use our fingerprints as passwords. Technology continues to advance, and it often has us wondering just what we might have access to next. Will our shoes tie themselves? Will our cars fly? Yes, obviously a certain movie was watched just before writing this article.

So, could there be some new technology coming our way that could change the way we live? Read on to find out. 

1. Self-Driving Trucks 

We’ve all heard about self-driving cars, even if they’re not yet dominating the roads. However, many big players already have eyes on what this technology could do for the freight industry. It is possible that one day in the not-too-distant future, self-driving trucks could replace truck drivers. Obviously, this is not great news for anyone currently driving trucks for a living, but you can see the appeal. Computers do not need to take breaks, will drive more efficiently, and do not get tired. 

2. AI Web Builders 

The days of hiring super-expensive website developers to design and create websites are long gone. Website building technology has made the task so easy that anyone can build their own site in less than an hour. However, even this technology has advanced at a supersonic rate. Nowadays, with minimal input from the recipient, web builders such as Wix or Shopsta which is Shopify store builder can now build you a website using AI technology. In fact, after answering a few simple questions, the only thing needed is to register a free domain name to set your website live.

3. Smartwatches Powered by Sweat 

Smartwatches have been around for a few years now, but this is another technology that continues to make big strides forward. Folks at the University of Glasgow have decided that we shouldn’t let our sweat go to waste when keeping fit. Instead, they have found a way to use that sweat to create energy that we can use to power our smartwatches. 

4. Delivery Drones 

Amazon and DHL have both revealed they have been working on package delivery drones that could ensure faster delivery times, and a reduction of the reliance on human workers. Now, while this is a cool idea, how will they ring the doorbell? Plus, surely naughty kids will try and throw stones at them? Anyhow, this is one new tech that will be interesting to see in action.

5. Self-Ordering Fridges 

Just to confirm how lazy we are getting; we can now buy fridges that will automatically order new food once it gets low. This is great news for us lads, as we can program it to order in some more beer whenever we get down to our last few cans. The only trouble is, we still have to answer the door and put it in the fridge ourselves. 

6. Space Tourism 

Want to go on an out of this world vacation? You might not have to wait too long before you can literally fly out into space on your next family holiday. Major travel company’s such as Virgin have long been working on ways to get us all out into orbit so that we can view the earth from space. Of course, unless you’re a millionaire, this is one vacation that might be out of reach for many of you for the time being.

7. Li-Fi Technology 

Tired of your housemates slowing down the Wi-Fi connection by watching movies and playing games? Then a connection that is 100 times faster than your Wi-Fi is likely to appeal. Wi-Fi is currently limited to a maximum of 1GBPS which is fine for most, but a new tech called Li-Fi could get you speeds of up to 224 Gbps. Instead of using radio waves to transmit data, it uses LED light sources. All you would need is LED light bulbs around your home that act as internet hubs. The only problem with this is, no gaming or watching TV in the dark. 


There is some pretty hot stuff in that lot, right? It is amazing to think how far technology has come and how quickly it advances. Just twenty years ago, nobody would have guessed we’d have space tourism, drone deliveries or self-driving trucks to look forward to. That’s without mentioning sweat-powered devices. I still want somebody to invent some tech that ties my shoelaces though.

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