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The Best Men’s Haircare Routine to Prevent Hair Loss

Haircare for men is done in a very different way than it is for women. Likewise, many men find that they don't wash their hair enough, which can lead to greasy roots and limp strands. Most men are also not aware of the importance of using products designed for their hair type, whereas women will generally use products tailored to them. So what can you do? Let's take a look at the simple changes you can make to your haircare routine to prevent hair loss.

Change The Products You're Using 

First, you'll want to switch out your normal shampoo for one that is designed specifically for men. You can find shampoos that control dandruff or moisturise the scalp and often come in scents like sandalwood or lime. Consider also adding special shampoos and products for when you're losing your hair because you can find many products that work for hair growth or hair thickening. Regular or 3 in 1 shampoo can damage your hair and your hair roots completely so it is better to use specialist shampoos. Pomades and hair gels often contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your hair and scalp, so you should avoid these products when possible. You can get relief by using shampoos designed specifically for hair loss which are often combined with biotin. These treatments are safe because they're made of plant extracts and free from additives like sulfate or parabens. They also contain essential oils like eucalyptus or coconut oil which provide deep nourishment to the hair roots.


Make Sure You Wash Your Hair Often Enough 

As mentioned above, many men don't wash their hair enough and choose to skip days in between washes. This can lead to build-up on the scalp and roots, creating an environment where bacteria and fungus can prosper. These conditions will often result in dandruff or itching (which is yet another reason for not washing your hair). So make sure you come up with a regular schedule for yourself and wash your hair as often as you need to. If your hair gets dirty, it's better to wash it; if you notice an unpleasant smell coming from your hair or scalp, washing will be necessary. 

Massage Your Scalp Regularly 

Another way to reduce damage to your roots and protect them from bacteria is by massaging your scalp regularly. When you do this, blood flows more freely to the hair roots, keeping them nourished. This will also help prevent conditions that lead to hair loss like dandruff or vitiligo. You can massage your scalp by taking a shower and washing your hair, then using a shampoo that contains a scalp treatment. You can also use special shampoos designed for massaging the scalp to allow the ingredients to go deep into the roots. These treatments will often be combined with other ingredients like caffeine or aloe vera extract which have been proven to stimulate hair growth.


Increase Vitamin and Protein Intake 

Lastly, consider increasing your vitamin intake by adding things like fish oil or flaxseed to your diet. These will provide you with essential vitamins that contribute to hair growth and help keep the scalp healthy so it can continue to grow hair for you. You can also use supplements designed specifically for hair health, though most of these are not necessary if you make sure you're eating a balanced diet. The most essential vitamin for your hair is biotin, which is found in egg yolks and nuts like almonds and walnuts. Another good supplement is protein, especially if you've started to notice that your hair loss has progressed. Protein is also great for your nails and it restores the strength of your hair. To increase protein intake, you can add more egg whites to your diet, chicken breast, and chickpeas. 

Consider Other Hair Issues You Might Have 

Though it's not necessary, you should also consider seeing a dermatologist to get your scalp checked to see if you have any other conditions like dandruff or psoriasis. These can cause severe hair loss along with itching and discoloration. Even if you just have the occasional itch, this could be caused by fungus or bacteria that can lead to hair loss if it's not treated. In these cases, your doctor can prescribe a hair loss shampoo that is safe and free from harsh chemicals that will help solve the problem. So, by resolving these issues, you can prevent hair loss significantly.

The tips mentioned above will help you maintain healthy hair roots and nourish your scalp to encourage new growth. If you do notice any of the signs of hair loss, however, it's best to visit a doctor for diagnosis and treatment options. Most cases of hair loss can be treated with medications that are written for men, though the sooner you seek treatment, the better.

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