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The Most Popular Winter Men’s Hairstyles

There are countless articles and ads for the hot new women’s haircuts for the coming year, but what about men’s hairstyles? Men are also looking for ideas for the trendiest hairstyles such as the Edgar haircut. With traditional gender roles changing as people are becoming more progressive, pretty much anything goes when it comes to hairstyles. Whether you want long hair or short hair, curly or straight, natural hair or dyed hair, there’s an exciting new hairstyle waiting for you! We have gathered some of the hottest mens hairstyles for the coming year, from long haircuts for men to short men’s haircuts... and everything in between.

1. Short and Curly 

Women swoon over men with curly tresses. And men should consider it a blessing instead of a curse and embrace their wavy locks. One of the best things about curly hair is that it is extremely versatile. There are endless ways it can be styled and curly hair works on a variety of different lengths of men’s hairstyles. According to LoveHairStyles, if you are looking for a neat and easy hairstyle, short curly hair is the way to go. A shortcut is easier to style. As well, you don’t have to worry about knots and flyaways. Short curly hair on men is extremely appealing and sexy. For a refined look, brush it back but if you want a more relaxed and fun vibe, wear it slightly tousled.

2. Curtain Cut 

This look has been around for quite some time and was extremely popular in the early 2000s. However, it is making quite the comeback as more men are opting for this fun and flirty men’s hairstyle. The best thing about this cut is that it is well suited for all lengths and textures of hair. The long fringe is the defining factor of the curtain cut and is often parted in the side or the middle. This men’s haircut is designed to draw attention to the face, mainly the eyes. Another great thing about this cut is that there are plenty of options for style, despite the fact that it’s a fairly low-maintenance look. It is especially flattering on those with wavy or curly hair but works great on straight hair as well because you can opt for long layers to add some volume. 

3. Buzz Cut 

Another timeless style is the buzz cut. This style is cut with a razor in which the hair is clipped extremely close to the head. This is a great look for those who are constantly on the go as it is also very low-maintenance. The buzz cut is also a great way to enhance your facial features. Even though it’s very short, this style can be tweaked to fit every hair texture. Those wanting a more modern look can ask for a skin fade for an edgy vibe while those who prefer a clean and polished look can ask for a classic buzzcut.

4. Classic Caesar Haircut 

If you prefer a classic cut, the Caesar cut works well on men of any walk of life or age group. This cut is basically the same length on the back, top, and sides. What makes it stand out is the short fringe giving it somewhat of a contrast. You can ask your barber to tweak the cut to match your style as well as the texture of your hair. As well, it is suited for various lengths of men’s hair. Those wishing to add a bit of a modern vibe can ask their barber to incorporate an undercut or taper fade. 

5. Disconnected Undercut 

This style looks especially stunning on those with facial hair. It is the perfect short haircut with more length on top and shaved sides for a disconnected look. 

6. Mullet 

Some may shudder at the thought of a mullet, especially if you lived in the 1980s, where they were all the rage with rockers. However, today’s mullets are quite trendy as they are making a huge comeback. The mullet is a look in which the hair is cropped short on the sides and top and has more length in the back. One of the best things about this look is that it suits most facial shapes as well as hair textures. If you are looking for a more daring look for the new year, a mullet could be right up your alley. You can opt for a longer look for an edgy vibe but shorter mullets are suitable for work if you want a slightly more daring look that is still appropriate for the corporate world.

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