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The Top 6 Fashion Accessories for Men

Nowadays, many men pay attention to their wardrobe as well as the tiniest details, including fashionable and eye-catching accessories. Just like other style items chosen by men, accessories help them to emphasize their masculinity and individual style to create unique and interesting looks. In this article we’ve highlighted the top six accessories every modern man should own and wear, combining them with clothing and other elements perfectly. The power of wearing high-quality and trendy men's fashion accessories should never be underestimated.


Some men do not like to wear rings, but these are a great accessory to complete your outfit. Of course, men's rings aren't limited to marriage, whereby you wear a single wedding band on your left hand. We recommend choosing simple and timeless rings made from various materials, like silver, gold, wood, or metal. If you are looking for something special, you can try some extraordinary rings that match your individual style.

Serge DeNimes
Serge DeNimes


A good pair of glasses can refresh your outfit and create a perfect look. When you are searching for eyewear, consider your face shape to help find a design that will work for you. If you are wearing prescription glasses, feel free to experiment with frame materials and colours. And of course, get a high-quality pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays. Depending on your taste and style, you can select from wonderful collections of shades made by trustworthy brands, for example, ic! Berlin with its urban and contemporary frames crafted for confident men. 


If you do not like wearing classic hats like the Laird Hatters one in the lead image above, it' might be better to avoid these styles, but you should also consider casual hats, including baseball caps, bucket hats, or beanies to match your wardrobe and for an eye-catching element of your outfit. Do not be afraid to experiment with hats to create an interesting look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

IC! Berlin
IC! Berlin


Selecting a bag for a man can be torture unless you understand the main purpose of this item. You need a bag to hold your things, so choose a size depending on this parameter. There is a huge variety of materials, including leather, canvas, faux leather, nubuck, and suede in various colours and shapes. Pay your attention to a messenger, backpack  or a cross-body bag to complete your modern outfit and to take all the needed small items with you. 


Of course, the first purpose of this item is to hold your money and cards. But for many men, it's important to choose a stylish wallet to match their tastes. It's better to buy a leather wallet because it'll last longer and age well. Black, oxblood, and brown are the most popular colours for men's wallets, but there's also some great alternatives available. The size of the wallet also depends on your taste, and also whether you would like to carry coins, cards and notes. 

Nation of Nomads
Nation of Nomads


Almost every man owns a watch, and some guys even like to collect luxury watches. There are many various types of men's watches to match your style, taste, and other accessories. You can choose from casual or more classic styles to complete your outfit. To truly stand out, you can opt for the unique, industrial-inspired designs of SevenFriday watches and make a statement. Remember that watches aren't just accessories to keep time, but a fashionable detail that can add individuality and masculinity to your overall look. 

Fashion-forward men always like to search for trendy accessories to look cool and feel more confident. Any accessory becomes a part of your outfit when it matches your style perfectly. Choose fashionable men's accessories and create new impressive outfits by following the latest trends.

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