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10 Important Tips for Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

There's a big difference between traveling and traveling on a motorcycle. Traveling on a motorcycle is a unique experience, and that's what every biker will tell you. Maybe the motorcycle limits you in terms of luggage and equipment but gives you much more freedom, which can completely change the perception of the trip. To make your journey more comfortable, here are some important tips for your first motorcycle road trip.

Travel planner 

Never take the shortest route when you are traveling on a bike. When traveling on a motorcycle, it’s about the journey, not the destination. As a rule, don't go on the highway for a boring long drive, but always choose small roads through villages and smaller neighbourhoods. The journey will be slower, but have in mind that the scenery is more important for the overall experience. 


Technology can be of great help on long journeys, from navigation to touchscreen gloves. Consider choosing a helmet with a Bluetooth connector. That kind of helmet can link you to your phone and not only play music but receive calls, follow GPS directions, and allow rider-to-rider communications. But also bring a paper map just in case you lose your GPS signal or battery power. 

Schedule a break time 

The road is longer than you think, especially when it comes to the first long bike journey. A three-hour drive is very different from six hours. Take breaks every 70-100 miles to avoid fatigue, and your body and engine will thank you. Of course, it depends on the engine. Someone on a Gold Wing will go 250 miles without feeling it, while someone on sport touring motorcycles will have to take brakes more frequently.

Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina


The weather can be tricky on the road, so it is better to be prepared than sorry. It is safer to have waterproof items for extra protection in case of rain and a cooling neck wrap if it gets too hot. The gear should be visible to others so try to avoid black and similar dark colours. 

Do you have the right motorcycle for a ride? 

This question is a perfectly legitimate one to ask yourself. There are motorcycles and scooters designed to travel thousands and thousands of miles. The fact that your bike is a little older or not as powerful is no reason not to travel. What matters is your will and that it's technically functioning. If that's checked, your motorcycle is right for a ride.

Mutt Motorcycles
Mutt Motorcycles

What do you need to pack on your bike? 

You clearly don't have much room to pack so you have to be wise when it comes to packing. Keep your luggage to a minimum, but be sure to bring: basic tools, tire repair set, chain oil, water, energetic bars, map, phone, portable charger, and sun cream. 


A lack of water in the body can cause fatigue, headaches, and cause decreased concentration. Keep that in mind and make sure the water is always available to you. You can purchase a hydration pack. It's usually a water bottle in a bag that you can put near you. It comes in a pack with a long tube so you can drink water without stopping.

Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson


While planning your trip, it's a good idea to make a plan when and where you'll take your lunch breaks. Make sure to avoid the time that is standard to take a meal. Most people are planning lunch between twelve and two o'clock so you could try to avoid these times to beat the crowds and waiting times. It will save you a lot of time overall. 


Be aware that riding on a highway can become incredibly noisy. In order to save your hearing health, it’s better to put on some earplugs, or as an alternative, you can use headphones and play some music you like. 

Preparation is important 

For the first motorcycle road trip, maybe it's better to test yourself before traveling. You can also sign up for an organised motorcycle tour, or check out some forums to read about the experiences of other riders. Always obey the rules and regulations, drive safely and remember that the point of bike travel is enjoyment, not speed.


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