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Why Details Matter When it Comes to Clothing

If you buy your clothes in one of the many large high street retailers, you should not expect to find all the intricate details commonplace across luxury designer collections. However, some products by Zara and H&M will have been given some attention to the elements that can portray a look of higher quality. Here are some of the details that matter the most when it comes to men's garments.


If you go to your wardrobe and look at all the labels (fashion fashion, high street, and designer) inside your clothes, you will quickly understand the differences. One of the first things that you will notice, is that the same brand may use different ones. They do so, sometimes, to indicate the different collections or to emphasise the higher value of one over the other. A woven label does not send the same message as a printed one (see the differences at Wunderlabel). That is why the same brand may use both, as a statement.

In other cases, the labels will always be the same. That is also a statement in itself. This time, the message that the brand is sending out is clarity: This is who we are, and you can count on us to place the same importance on all our pieces of clothing. That doesn’t mean that they can’t adjust the colours to match better with the garment it is applied to. It all depends on how they envision their brand and how they want it to be seen by customers. 


There may not be a more important detail than seams when it comes to clothing manufacturing. When you are looking for quality clothing, you should always look at the way the seams were completed. If it is rough, or threads stand out, you are looking at a lower level of quality. The problem with seams is that everyone can see them when you wear a particular garment. If it pulls the textile fabric and doesn’t let it flow, it will show. The same is true with a seam that overflows at the bottom of a shirt or when a thread shows up where it shouldn’t.

The second thing about seams that you should notice, is which type of seam is being used on the garment. There are a large variety, and the choice will affect the clothes in many ways, which are: Resistance, versatility, elasticity, thickness, durability, high-end (finishing) and cost. The selection of the type of thread to be used should be done according to the structure, fabric, and stitch/topstitch used to make the seam. This particular detail can literally add to the beauty of a garment or make it look as if it came from a fast-fashion brand. 

Brands live and die upon the quality of their image. That is why they often spend a lot of time on the details when designing the item each season. You should take the time to look at these details before buying the clothes you choose to wear. It will make a big difference.

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