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Planning a Party For the Guys? Here are Some Helpful Tips

If you have been charged with planning a party for the guys, then you have a lot of preparation to do. If you don’t meticulously plan, then your friends could find your party boring, which will damage your reputation and may stop people from asking you to plan parties in the future. In order to make your party as enjoyable as possible, you need to cover a lot of ground, from drinks to music. You also need to carefully select a venue, which we will address in great detail. Here are some tips for planning a party for the guys:

Picking A Venue 

If you are just having a small get together with some of your closest friends, then you can hold your party at home. If you are having a much larger party and your house won’t fit everybody in, then you could consider holding it at a local park or hiring out a venue. If you do hold it at a local park, make sure that you can get approval from your town or city’s council, otherwise, you could get into a lot of trouble. Holding outdoor parties without permission can result in a fine or arrest.

Setting Up Games 

If you’re having a party and inviting the guys over, then you should set up some games. You should have a beer pong set, a dartboard, and a games console available. This will ensure that there’s something for everybody. A games console and beer pong set are particularly important because they will occupy and entertain your guests. A dartboard is more of a way to while away the time, better suited to less lively and more relaxed guests. Make sure to keep games in mind when planning your party. 

Providing Drinks 

If your friends are coming to your party, then you need to make sure that drinks are provided. A party without drinks will be very boring unless all of your friends don’t drink. Assuming that they do drink, which is probably the case, then you should provide as much beer as your budget allows. You may also want to provide spirits, like vodka. Drinks always liven a party up. You don’t necessarily have to invest in expensive alcohol. By all means, buy the cheapest and strongest beer that you can. As long as it does what it’s supposed to, there won’t be a problem. 

Smoke for All 

If you live in a state or country where recreational marijuana usage is legalised, then why not invest in a few bags and bring it along? Marijuana is a great way to give a party life, especially if your friends have stopped smoking or no longer smoke. The chances are that they will be unable to resist temptation and will end up smoking with their buddies. Marijuana can make a party lots of fun. With that said, make sure that smoking is permitted at the venue you are holding your party in. If you live with other people, get their permission before you light up indoors.

Sound System 

You will definitely want to invest in a sound system or borrow one. Music can make your party a lot more fun, particularly if there are a large number of people coming. When there’s no music and you have a hundred people standing around inside your house, things can get awkward pretty quick. Try to curate a playlist that’s appropriate for your guests. If your guests are older, then rock ‘n’ roll or soul could work, whereas if they’re younger, rap, hip hop, drum and bass, techno, or drill music could be a good idea. 

Serve Bowl Food 

You should also serve bowl food. Snacks like chips, sweets, and other sugary treats are a great way to satisfy your guests. At a party, nobody wants a three-course meal. Instead, they want to binge on snacks, have a good time, and enjoy themselves. Set lots of bowls up around the interior of your venue, filled with snacks. Leave the bags of snacks around also. By serving your guest's food it will prevent them from rummaging around in your home’s cupboards if that’s where you’re holding a party. You don’t want your own snack supply to be depleted by your guests, do you? 

Late Night Pizza 

As the night goes on, snacks might not satisfy your guest’s appetites, particularly if they are smoking and drinking. For this reason, consider ordering a late-night pizza, or making one yourself. Pizza compliments a guy’s night very well. There are some companies that offer deals and discounts the more you order, so if you set yourself a budget of around $50 you should be able to feed everybody unless you have hundreds of guests in your house in which case you might want to avoid ordering pizza.

Notifying Neighbours 

If you have neighbours, then it’s probably best to tell them that you are going to be having a party beforehand. This can give them time to prepare. When you have a sudden party without telling them, you can surprise them and perhaps interfere with their night. You should keep your relationship with your neighbours good. If you irritate them by holding unexpected parties, you are going to complicate things and breed enmity between you and them. In addition, by giving them time to prepare they will reciprocate when and if they ever have a party.

Clean-Up Crew 

If you are expecting that your party is going to be messy, enlist a few friends in the next day's clean-up crew. Ask that they stay over so that when the morning comes you can all clean your house and eliminate any dirt. Make sure that you also put lots of trash cans around and ask your guests to clean up after themselves. For smaller gatherings, mess is unlikely, especially if they are close friends. For big parties, then it is important to follow these steps in order to protect your home from a mess. 

Parties with the guys are a lot of fun. If you don’t prepare, then you won’t have as much fun as you could have had. Planning a party can be difficult, admittedly. With this article’s guidance, however, it doesn’t have to be anymore.


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