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Common Hairstyle Mistakes and How to Combat Them

Really, is hair that difficult to maintain? To a certain degree, yes. There’s much more involved than you think, and not knowing what it takes to keep your hair looking good can really take a toll on your overall appearance. But worry not – we’ve got you covered with some insider tips we’ve gained from hairstylist and friends at barbers Cockfosters — and trust us, these tips will make nailing the right hairstyle even easier than you thought.

“People look at social media, see a haircut they like the look of and take this to their barber and ask them to copy it. I’ve had it recently in the barbershop where a client brought in a video of a really good haircut, but the client’s hair differed massively to that of the video. The client’s hair wasn’t the same texture, was a different length and wouldn’t sit at all like the hairstyle in the video. After having a thorough consultation with the client, we were able to find a style that was going to work for him, grow in well, and last him properly until his next haircut. That would be my biggest hairstyle mistake, just assuming that a barber can copy a haircut seen on Instagram. It’s a lot harder than just a cut, copy and paste job. Everyone’s hair is so different. In terms of styling, the big mistake people make is applying far too much product to the hair. Less is always more. Start with a small pea-sized amount and distribute it evenly. If you need to add more, do so in small quantities. There’s nothing worse than ending up with a fringe full of product that needs to be washed out.” - Samuel Hickey, Barber at The Hoi Polloi.

The Wrong Hairstyle 

So, you see a hairstyle you like and want to try it out on yourself. I totally get it, but unfortunately trying to wear a hairstyle similar to what you've seen on a random person whose hair is the opposite of yours probably won’t work in your favour. 

What Should I do? 

First, know your exact hair texture and the type of style that’ll work for it before going full throttle on something new. You can always seek advice from the person you trust to trim and style your hair before making any moves. 

High Maintenance Hairstyle 

Fancy hairstyles are cool, but most of them require quite a bit of dedication. You’ll need all the right tools and product to get it just right, plus time and effort to get just the right amount of dimension. 

What To Do Instead?

Opt for a simpler hairstyle that works best for your face shape and allows you to touch up and go.

Delaying Hair Trims 

The longer you wait to trim your hair, the more of a nightmare it becomes to hold a style. Typically, men will end up just throwing on a cap and heading out the door, which is fine, but your hair is one of the foundations of your style so you’re going to want to maintain it more often than not. 

What To Do Instead?

Get your hair trimmed as soon as it grows long enough to lose its shape. This will help keep your look well-groomed overall. A fresh cut helps to put that exclamation mark on your style so it’s best to stay on top of it. 

Product Overload 

Start with a pea sized amount of product and build from there. It’s always better to start with as little as possible – if you put on too much, things become a nightmare and you’ll have to wash it all out or use a bunch of products to get you back to point 'A' again. 

What To Do Instead?

Start by priming the product before you place it. Rub it together to activate it and evenly place it throughout your hair. You’ll want to use the full area of both your hands to string the product along the roots to the tip of your hair strands. Tip: Creams and paste should go into your hair when it’s wet and pomades or more pliable waxes should go in when hair is dry.

Halfway Washing 

Lots of men take shortcuts when washing their hair just to get through it, but they’re only doing themselves a disservice. Rushing through your washes can be a huge drawback on the outcome of your hairstyle. 

What To Do Instead? 

Take a couple minutes to gently massage your scalp. This will generate blood flow and allow nutrients to your scalp. Your hair follicles will awaken, making your hair appear healthy and ready to be styled. This will also help when applying product to your hair after the shower giving them chance to properly work their magic. 

“For me the biggest hair mistake men often make is when they stick with the wrong haircut and use the wrong styling products for years. Men, as we know, are creatures of bad habits. My suggestion is to see a professional who can advise on different styles to improve their look depending on hair type and head shape, and suggestions on using appropriate products. Sometimes, less is more in terms of styling products. Changing up your hairstyle is a good thing and being more adventurous will not harm you.” - Carmelo Guastella, Artistic Barber and Men's Grooming Expert.

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