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What Is Clean Keto?

Many people are on keto diets today for various reasons, but most do it especially to lose weight, or to help with management of diabetes. A keto diet contains very low carbohydrate constituents and more fats. The basic goal is to get the body to a state of metabolic ketosis. If you're on a keto diet, or you know someone who is, or you plan to start one, then this is your article. Why? Because not everything projected as a keto diet is for you. As you follow through, you'll understand the basics of keto dieting and what clean keto is all about. Keep reading.

The Whole Idea of Keto 

The idea of keto dieting is to get energy from fats by limiting the intake of carbohydrates and increasing the intake of fats and little protein. An ideal feeding pattern is made up of 6% protein, 90% fats and about 4% of carbohydrates. This type of dieting is important in preventing certain diseases and managing other illnesses. It is of great benefit for diabetic patients looking to cut down on their blood sugar levels. It is also very relevant for people looking to reduce fats and body weight, as glucose is highly implicated in this. Ketogenic diets also greatly advise consumption of fruits and vegetables, including the consumption of protein from animals fed with plants. This therefore leads to high body levels of antioxidants, that are of great help in flushing out cancer causing cells. Healthline contains reliable information on keto for starters.

What is Clean Keto? 

The concept of clean keto isn't all about cutting down carbs and eating more fats. Clean keto focuses on getting quality and high quantity of nutrients needed by the body. So the fats consumed are not from every source but from natural, trusted sources. The proteins consumed are such as adding more value on our health, than harm. For a person on a clean keto, processed foods are definitely a no-no. The "cheat days" phenomenon, as seen in dirty keto, isn't permitted in this type of keto dieting, because it focuses on quality of nutrients and follows this role strictly. With this pattern, the results have been seen to be reached faster; weight loss, decreased blood glucose levels, a general feeling of healthiness, and the like. This is because high levels of starch are completely avoided, and in keto dieting, once starch is introduced, it's easier to gain the weight that was previously lost. It also shows that this is a kind of diet that is to be followed strictly. Foods like beef from grass-fed animals, eggs that are free range, vegetables without starch, clean and freshly caught seafood, and clean olive oil, are greatly encouraged. Even though a little percentage of carbohydrates is needed, those containing high calorie contents are completely banned, like rice, bread and whole grains. Clean keto is one sure way of preventing and totally avoiding the issue of dyslipidemia that arises due to unhealthy fat consumption in dirty keto. 

What is Dirty Keto? 

Dirty keto is a kind of keto dieting that focuses on fulfilling the consumption of the keto regimen; 6% protein, 90% fats and about 4% carbohydrates, without focusing on the quality of food consumed and nutrients obtained. This category is more open and makes room for cheat days. It isn't so focused on the source and quality of calories consumed in one meal, as with clean keto. With this pattern, it is usually harder to achieve the goals of weight loss and ketosis, as having room for higher carbs intake can completely distort the result that was being created. Because of these allowances made for high calorie intake once in a while, dirty keto is sometimes referred to as lazy keto. This is because it goes a long way in decreasing the speed of accomplishments of the set goals. Dirty keto does not encourage high consumption of vegetables, and even when consumed, there's no restriction on the type that can be consumed. It also has no restrictions on processed and fast foods, so little nutrients are obtained, compared to clean keto.

What to avoid 

When on clean keto, certain foods must be absolutely abstained from. Some of them are as follows; Processed and fast foods, Processed cheese, Chocolates, Snacks, Salami, Vegetable oil, Peanut oil, Corn oil, Palm oil, Rapeseed oil, Soybeans oil, Sucralose, Saccharine, Aspartame. 

What to Add 

The good news is that clean keto does not mean putting our taste buds to harsh suffering. Those on a clean diet can still enjoy a healthy, sumptuous meal. Foods that can be safely consumed on this diet are as follows: 

1. Vegetables of Low Calorie content: asparagus, celery, green pepper, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, etc. 

2. Healthy fats: such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter from grass fed animals, ghee, sesame oils, etc. Health reporter sheds more light on healthy fats for clean keto. 

3. Healthy protein: Cottage cheese, salmon, shellfish, eggs, chicken, greek yogurt, etc. 

4. Beverages: like water ( diet and mineral water), kombucha, tea (black and green) coffee, smoothies, vegetable juices, protein shakes, etc. 

5. Moderate cheese: Gouda, manchego, cream.cheese, etc. 


As stated earlier in this article, following a strict clean keto diet is very beneficial to someone who needs results. Some of the benefits are highlighted below: 

Weight loss 

Following a strict clean keto diet is of great benefit for weight loss. This type of diet strictly limits consumption of calories, which leads to very little increase in blood sugar levels. Once there is no glucose, the body is forced to use energy generated from burning fats via the production of ketones. This process facilitates weight loss, and weight loss is slower in the presence of glucose. 

Hormonal Balance 

Research says that over time, a clean keto diet can lead to balance in hormonal levels in certain individuals, as seen by reduction in polycystic ovary syndrome and the occurrence of acne. 

Reduction In Cancer Progression 

As clean keto encourages quality feeding and consumption of more nutrients, it is a big plus to the immune system. When more antioxidants are in the body, then cancer causing free radicals can be flushed off. This goes a long way in preventing the development and progression of cancer. 

Management And Prevention Of Diabetes

Yes of course! This is one of the biggest benefits, because it keeps blood glucose levels to a minimum. Although constant monitoring is advised to avoid one going into the state of hypoglycemia, it is of great help in managing and preventing diabetes type 2.

Clean keto isn't just a variation in the keto diet. It is the go-to feeding pattern for anyone looking to benefit from the keto diet. From helping to reach keto goals faster, to helping to ensure a general healthy body system, clean keto is indeed a welcomed idea. However, it is important to note that this variation, and ketosis diet in general has some restrictions. It isn't indicated for people with liver and/or kidney complications. This is because these vital organs are implicated in the metabolism of proteins and fats. For clean keto dieting to become a dream come true, it is important that one is disciplined and highly committed to the strict feeding pattern. Choose to stay healthy!

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