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How to Change Your Look Without a New Wardrobe

In an ideal world, whenever you reach the point of starting to dislike or even resent the vast majority of your wardrobe, how wonderful it would be to simply set out to the shops, get your laptop and your credit card out and purchase an entirely new clothing collection. However, especially in the current financial climate and the fashion industries sustainability problem, this simply is not viable. Instead, continue reading to learn how to change your look and style without having to fork out for a brand-new wardrobe.

1. Organise Your Wardrobe 

The first thing to do when wanting to change your style without opening your wallet is to organise your wardrobe thoroughly. There is no hope of creating new and exciting outfits when your clothes cannot be found, in drawers and folded up on various tables, so organising and sorting all your clothes is absolutely crucial. Try to work with the space you have and group different types of clothes together; roll your t-shirts and tops which don’t require ironing to save on room and save the hanging space for longer items items such as overcoats and suits.

2. Pay Attention to Your Physical Appearance 

As well as revolutionising your wardrobe, it is now also time to pay attention to your physical appearance and to engage in one or more grooming sessions to make the best of yourself and to make yourself feel more confident in your daily life. If you job involves practical work, it is likely that your nails have seen better days, so a manicure may well be in order. Throw away any toiletries or cosmetics that have seen better days and pay attention to your hair. If you are suffering with male pattern baldness, for example, and you feel as if hair loss isn’t representative of how you feel, then maybe even consider a hair transplant from a reputable and renowned prestigious clinic such as HS hair clinic

3. Discard Old and Tired Items 

Whilst organising your clothing, be sure to recycle absolutely every item that has seen better days, even if it is something you are still regularly wearing. You have no hope of revamping your style with old, ripped or faded tops, trousers or even shoes and so unfortunately, no matter how sentimentally attached you are to something, it has no place in your new wardrobe. What is more, the more room you have in your newly streamlined wardrobe, the clearer you can see the clothing items and accessories you do have.

4. Experiment with Colour 

It is highly likely that you usually pair a certain colour of top or shirt with the same pair of comfortable jeans or trousers, without thinking about mixing up the colours and making more of a statement. Set aside an afternoon when you have the free time to try on different items from your wardrobe and start to look at wearing different colours together, as well as pairing accessories that beforehand you would never have put together.

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