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Wheels and Money: Best Formula 1 Merch for Every Race Fan

The last few years have seen a marked shift in the commercial landscape for F1 teams. During the Ecclestone era, a handful of teams dominated. But that’s changing, thanks to the budget cap, the arrival of big-name sponsors and technology, and the ‘closed shop’ collection of ten teams. Among the biggest revenue streams for new teams come from merchandising. Formula 1 fans are happy to purchase branded items at a premium – even if they only end up wearing them during race weekends. It’s a great way to advertise your loyalty to a particular team. If you’re an F1 fan, or you’re shopping for a gift for one, then there are several different items of merchandise to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Team T-Shirt 

A t-shirt is an immensely practical garment. Pick the one from the team you like and wear it all year round.

Team Cap 

You’ll rarely see an F1 driver without a branded cap at press conferences and other events. Get one, and you’ll be able to enjoy race day without the sun in your eyes. 

Team jacket 

Similarly, F1 teams tend to make heavier jackets that are perfect for race day, especially when the weather isn’t quite as spectacular. 

LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car 

This special Lego set is actually quite affordable – and if you decide to keep it boxed and sealed, it might even hold its value. 

A F1 collection watch 

Accurate timekeeping is essential to the running of this sport. If you want to celebrate that, then going for an F1 collection watch, from long-time sponsors Tag Heuer, is surely the way to go.

Sonic Editions Motorsport Prints 

If you’d prefer something you can hang on your wall, then an iconic framed photo from an archive service might fit the bill nicely. Go for something high-quality and hang it in a decent location. 

Formula One: The Champions book 

When it comes to books, it’s difficult to beat this one by Maurice Hamilton. It’s wonderful as a gift, and you’ll keep coming back for the amazing photography, courtesy of Bernard and Paul-Henri Cahier

Formula 2022 Season Mug 

If you’re an F1 fan and you’re known to enjoy the occasional cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, then a branded mug is sure to enjoy plenty of use. Just make sure that you check whether you can microwave yours before you attempt it. 

F1 22 game 

This virtual simulation of the F1 season is available on a range of formats. You’ll be able to manage every aspect of the race in unparalleled detail. It’s perfect for fans of the sport.


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