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How to Pull-Off the Denim-on-Denim Look

The double-denim trend, also known as the "Canadian tuxedo," is a trend nowadays, but there's something in the look that doesn't feel on point. It can be intimidating to attempt to pull off the look, even though we've seen street-style icons do it flawlessly. Although pairing two staples is a bit unexpected, we needn't be afraid of it! A simple denim jacket or chambray shirt with your favourite pair of jeans shouldn't cause any stress. Denim on denim is a tricky beast to master. It's stunning when done correctly. Plan your outfit carefully to avoid wearing two pieces of denim that clash and appear painful to the eyes. You can flawlessly pull off the denim-on-denim trend with our tips and affordable shopping with Diesel Brand. To make it much easier, we've outlined the absolute Dos and Don'ts of donning denim-on-denim.

Don't wear the same shade 

In terms of denim fashion, it's almost always a big no-no to wear the same shade or wash from top to bottom. You don't want to appear overly matched-up. For the sake of your friends, you don't want them to think you spent all morning searching for the perfect pair of jeans to wear with your outfit. Of course, there is one instance where you can ditch the rule: wearing a denim jumpsuit. If you're daring to take a chance with your outfit, pair it with funky boots or a statement bag.

Choose denim shades to flatter your body 

Lighter denim colours typically catch eyes to the areas they cover, whereas darker washes have the opposite effect and appear slimmer. However, the most flattering outfit, is one that features dark denim jeans and a lighter denim jacket or top. Here's a quick and simple outfit idea: A white tee and cropped high-waisted black jeans with a light-wash denim jacket will help to break up the monochrome look. To enhance the look, add white sneakers and a cute crossbody bag. 

Play with colours 

Make your way into denim-on-denim by pairing different shades together, like white jeans, a denim jacket, black jeans, and a chambray shirt. This is a surefire way that will never let you down. Alternately, crisp white denim paired with a darker-wash chambray shirt is an easy look to pull off. Brown boots or sandals add a chic neutral touch to this look. 

Go for distressed 

Distressed denim lends itself particularly well to the denim-on-denim look, thanks to the subtle contrast it creates. Don't be afraid to rip your denim, but only one piece should be ripped. But don't overdo it on the rips. My recommendation is to buy an oversized and distressed piece to wear with everything from dark-wash skinny jeans to mom jeans, like a ripped denim jacket. This piece instantly adds a relaxed, slightly edgy feel to any outfit. You can say Rock star vibes are in full force!

Add some accessories 

No rule says denim has to be worn casually. From a bold red lipstick to an eye-catching pair of stilettos, there are plenty of ways you can make your outfit stand out. This is a great way to go from day to night in your double-denim look! Wear your silkiest black cami with high-waist denim shorts (or jeans, if it's cold outside!), an oversized denim jacket, and black stiletto heels-- Unexpectedly stylish! 

But don’t add denim accessories 

Denim handbags or Kim Kardashian's thigh-high denim boots are no longer taboo, but if you're wearing denim as part of your outfit, don't go overboard with your jean accessories. Don't wear denim accessories like denim shoes, denim hats, or handbags unless you want to look like a hipster. In other words, even if you aren't wearing jeans, feel free to accessorize with denim accessories. 

Take inspiration from celebrities 

Double-denim has made a comeback with many celebrities who have been spotted wearing it. Celebrities like Claire Foy of The Crown and Julia Fox have often been seen in all-denim outfits, leading this new trend for the season. Plus, Glenn Marten's giving it a huge thumbs up with his Diesel collection in Milan Fashion Week. Camila Cabello has spearheaded this year's denim trend with her on-stage double denim look, and, of course, Fox, who has been wearing the trend since she paired it with Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week in 2013. She's been cutting up her denim lately, showing a continued interest in the fabric.

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