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Look Your Best: The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Skincare Routine

Taking care of your skin is no longer a woman's thing. Nowadays, men’s skincare has become a popular trend, with many products being designed for this purpose. It’s a new world where men pay as much attention to their looks as women do – and this is a good thing. One could say, ‘why should I bother with all the serums, moisturisers and exfoliants?’ Well, there are two reasons. First, you should build a skincare routine if you want to age well. The second reason is science – your skin is the largest organ in your body, and thus, you must take good care of it for a happier and longer life. Let’s be honest, all of us are concerned with the first reason, and that’s completely fine. It doesn’t matter what reason you have for taking care of your skin. All that matters is that you do it. And is there a man who wouldn’t enjoy looking more handsome and younger? Not to mention that an effective skincare routine can also make you feel good about yourself and boost your health – which is the most important reason why you should start taking care of your skin. However, this may seem intimidating and confusing at first, especially if you aren’t familiar with the different products on the market. But fret not; we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you build the perfect skincare routine.

Choosing suitable skincare products 

Once you decide to build your skincare routine, you may find it a bit challenging to choose suitable products. How do you know which one is right for you? Is there something you should consider in the process? Well, there’s one thing you should know: picking the ideal skincare product has a lot to do with your skin type. There are four skin types: Normal skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin, and Oily skin. The products you choose ultimately depend on your skin type. So, the first thing you should do is, obviously, to assess yours and then select something suitable for your own skin type. For instance, a cream-based cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin, while a foaming cleanser is right for oily skin. If you decide to purchase skincare products online, you should ensure the website is secure. This is important in order to prevent your data from being exposed to all sorts of malicious activities. According to Data Breach Compensation Expert, a personal data breach happens when your information is disclosed, altered or lost due to a security incident. Safe websites encrypt customers’ data to ensure hackers can’t access it. Thus, you should always look for trust indicators that demonstrate the website is secure to avoid falling victim to data theft or other similar threat. Here’s some tips for building your skincare routine:

Cleanse your face 

The first step in your skincare routine is cleansing your face. Unlike that of women, men’s skin is oiler due to the enhanced presence of sebaceous glands. During the day, your skin is exposed to dirt, grime and dust, and they all stick to your face, causing your pores to accumulate. And there’s also the dead skin that builds up on your face. These reasons are more than enough to start cleansing your day two times during the day, more precisely, in the morning and before bed. You may wonder why you should use a cleanser when you can simply use a bar of soap and water to wash your face. Well, a cleanser is much more effective for washing away all the sweat, grime and dirt from your face. Massage the cleanser into your skin with your fingertips, and then rinse off. When drying, make sure to pat dry instead of rubbing all the moisture off. 

Exfoliate your skin 

Exfoliation involves eliminating dead skin cells from your skin. Usually, your skin can remove these cells independently, but there are times when it doesn’t shed entirely. In order to exfoliate correctly, you should use a face scrub. While most men need to do this once or twice during the week, it depends on their skin type. If yours is oily, you may need to use the face scrub three times a week. To exfoliate your skin, you should apply the face scrub to your skin and massage it with gentle motions. Supposing you have a beard, you should spend more time applying the scrub. This is essential to ensure the substance bypasses your facial hair and helps your skin. After doing this, you can use lukewarm water to wash the scrub off.

Apply serum 

Due to genetics, some individuals age quicker than others. If you are part of this category, you may feel like you don’t look your age. Luckily, the right serum can work wonders for your skin and help you reverse the ageing process. While it may not seem like a must-have product for your skincare routine, a serum is actually vital for keeping your skin healthy. Generally, serums come in small bottles along a particular pipette. To apply the product, you have to squeeze out between two and three drops on your fingertips and apply them to your nose, cheeks, and forehead in a quick and circular rubbing motion. You should apply the facial serum daily and use it in the morning and evening to replenish the nutrients you lose during the day. 


You likely know how important it is to stay hydrated during the day. It’s recommended to drink eight glasses every day, and this is necessary for your health and can also help your skin significantly. However, you can also add a moisturiser to your regimen for an extra boost. In fact, this is one of the essential steps in your skincare routine. You should apply the moisturiser after washing your face two times a day. Make sure to use the product while your skin is damp. That way, the moisturiser can trap moisture in the skin and, as a result, keep it hydrated. This process offers your skin good protection against environmental harm, so you should keep up with it as much as possible.

Use sunscreen 

Moisturisers and facial scrubs are excellent for keeping your skin in good shape. However, other factors can hurt your skin, so it’s important to look for ways you can hold back the ageing process. Some parts of your skincare routine can be flexible – for instance, you can use the face scrub once or twice a week. But when it comes to sunscreen, the rule is non-negotiable: you have to apply it every day before going out. Sunscreen shouldn’t miss from your routine because it protects your skin’s melatonin when you’re out under the sun. If you don’t use the product, the ultra-violet rays can affect your skin’s outermost layer by burning it. This can cause premature ageing and discoloration. The best time to apply sunscreen is 30 minutes before sunlight exposure, as this ensures the substance has enough time to absorb into the skin.

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