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5 Essential Shoes for Every Man's Wardrobe

You open your closet and cannot see the floor because all your shoes are stacked on top of each other. It is time to purge and keep just the favourites and only what you need. Or maybe your son is heading to college and you need to make sure the necessities are covered, including footwear. Here are some tips on what types of shoes should be part of every man's wardrobe.

1. Sandals 

Sandals, flip-flops or slides are essential for every man because they can help you stay cool and are easy to get on and off. Whether you are packing for a Bahamas cruise, a day at the beach or just a walk on a summer day, you need to take sandals in your bag. Warm weather shoewear comes in so many different colours, fits, styles and comfort levels that it is impossible not to find something that works for you. These shoes will not take up much room in your closet and can be your easy go-to pair from May through September when not at work.


2. Oxfords 

A well-kept dress shoe is essential in every man's life. The oxford is a classic design, but the Derby or brogue will also fit this bill. Pick the one that looks best with your favourite suit so that when you get an invitation to your cousin's wedding, you know you have the perfect outfit. Funerals, job interviews and maybe even a first date are all occasions that call for oxfords to be pulled out of their box. Even if you have a $5000 suit, it will be lacking without a decent pair of dress shoes to finish the look, so go the distance and get a great pair. 

3. Sneakers 

It is hard to run in sandals or oxfords, so owning a comfortable pair of sneakers is essential for walking, running or enjoying any activity outside. You may have a special pair of golf shoes, soccer cleats or other specialized shoes needed for your favourite sports, but you also need to have a quality pair of sneakers to use when it is not game time. There are many good brands on the market today at a variety of prices that make it easy to find ones you like when the pair you own now starts losing its tread.


4. Boots 

Boots are so diverse that you can find a pair to wear on the Appalachian trail or to church depending on what look you prefer. They can be your saving grace on a slippery sidewalk or a factory floor. The incredible grip that a decent pair has and the support they offer make them essential in every closet. If you don't have boots, then you will always feel that something is missing and your feet will be miserable in any harsh or demanding climates. 

5. Loafers 

No closet is complete without that pair of loafers that are easy to get on and off, don't look as formal as the oxfords and aren't as casual as sneakers. They are the perfect in-between for most social situations no matter the season. Some loafers are so comfortable that you may want to label them slippers and use them as inside shoes instead. These could become the favourite shoes for lounging in the dorm. These shoes come in a variety of materials that make it easy to find ones you like.

Mr Porter
Mr Porter

It is easy to have the right pair of shoes for every occasion with a little planning. Picking up one pair of each of these types will ensure you are covered for whatever event or activity life brings your way. Just make sure they fit well when you buy them and that you keep them clean so they look good and the materials have less of a chance of breaking down. Shoes are just like anything else - a little love goes a long way.

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