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Why Taking Care of Your Teeth is Important

Your teeth are the first thing people usually notice, and their shine and whiteness give you more confidence and self-esteem. But, taking care of your teeth has far more benefits than you might think. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, it can have health uses. In the article below we’ll discuss how proper oral hygiene affects your overall wellbeing.

Bacteria from the roots of the teeth also attack the internal organs 

Bacteria are not only harmful to the teeth, but also to distant organs, especially those that are already damaged. From the epicenter, where they multiply in oxygen-free conditions, extremely harmful strains of anaerobic bacteria spread through the bloodstream and reach other organs, where they also have a destructive effect. This way of spreading is greatly facilitated by the fact that the orofacial region is extremely well supplied with blood and by the proximity of the largest blood vessels in the neck and head. This usually happens if your immune system is already weakened or you have chronic issues and diseases. The bacteria then roam freely and can cause heart, lung, liver, and other problems. Taking care of your teeth and having regular check-ups can drastically reduce the chance of any possible infections.

Dangerous bacteria in the periodontal pocket 

A direct connection between periodontal and rheumatoid arthritis has been established because both diseases are of an inflammatory nature and are characterized by the loss of connective tissue. By repairing the periodontal pockets and eliminating the focus (where bacteria multiply), there has been a significant improvement in the general state of health of patients suffering from arthritis. Among the most well-known diseases that cause focal infections are rheumatoid arthritis, bacterial endocarditis, the formation of arterial plaque, as well as the appearance of thrombus, which can cause serious consequences, such as stroke and heart attack. This is why you should always look for professionals to take proper care of your teeth. As the experts at The Dental Implant Place explain, there are huge advantages to getting all your teeth fixed in one place by the same team. Implants should also be done only by professionals, as these cavities are open wounds and the new teeth are acting as a foreign body in your mouth. If not done by experts, it can be a true focus on harmful bacteria, which can cause further health issues. Therefore, implants and their benefits only come to light once someone with experience has finished the job. Besides the benefits they bring healthwise, implants also give you a certain aesthetic appeal, making your smile truly mesmerizing and helping your confidence drastically. And if all of the above hasn’t been reason enough, bacteria from the genus Streptococci are responsible for twice the risk of myocardial infarction. By migrating to the lungs, they lead to respiratory infections, and if the patient already suffers from a chronic lung disease, they can further complicate the situation, affecting the creation of pulmonary emphysema. They can also cause or worsen diseases of the kidneys, eyes, glandular system, central nervous system, and skin.

Don't neglect your tongue 

In addition to regular dental hygiene, it is also necessary to take care of the tongue according to this experienced dentist in Fort Lauderdale. Dental plaque, food, and bacteria are also deposited on the tongue. You should gently clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth, and this is best done with specially designed tongue cleaners. Neglecting the tongue when brushing your teeth is often the cause of bad breath, so by cleaning the tongue, you will solve this problem, and also achieve overall better hygiene of the oral cavity. 

Better mood and more self-esteem 

Having white teeth and a nice smile can have a great impact on your overall self-esteem and confidence. You’ll have more faith and will take an active role in your social life. You’ll make a nice impression on almost everyone you talk to or sit with, and in addition to this, a nice smile and healthy teeth can affect your mood as well. As said, there are certain health risks involved in connection with bad oral hygiene, and the same bacteria causing all the above-mentioned issues can have a similar effect on your mental health. There have been numerous studies showing and proving the connection between certain types of bacteria and how they can cause depression, anxiety, and lack of energy. Most notably, candida and other yeast bacteria have been associated with these conditions, but harmful bacteria growing in your oral cavities are no exception to the rule. We, therefore, recommend taking extra care of your teeth to prevent these conditions from happening or becoming worse. With all this said, pick up your brush and wash your teeth at least twice a day. Floss as well, especially between your teeth, as this is the place where bacteria spreads the most.

Last but not least, this may sound strange and have nothing to do with oral hygiene, but it does. It is recommended to drink water immediately after each meal in order to remove other parts of food, but also to reduce the negative effects of sticky food, as well as acidic food and drinks.

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