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4 of the Best Most Luxurious UK Watch Brands

Though Swiss watchmaking has long dominated the luxury watch market, British watchmaking has also been around for hundreds of years and its popularity has really bounced back over the past decade. If you’re interested in a British-made luxury watch, take a look at our quick guide to the best watches that the UK has to offer. A luxury watch is an investment and tends to come with a high price tag, so do ensure you take out a strong watch insurance policy to protect your new purchase. If you’re looking for a luxury timepiece with a British flavour, take a look at the following British watch brands and decide which one is the best fit for you.

1. Bremont 

Bremont only launched 20 years ago but has gone from strength to strength. Watches from Bremont are hand-built by expert watch assemblers in Henley-on-Thames, widely regarded as the birthplace of British watchmaking. The brand started out with a special focus on crafting watches for aviators, so in keeping with this, its watches are incredibly precise and durable. In fact, Bremont watches are such strong performers on this point that they are commissioned as bespoke watches for military personnel around the globe. Bremont watches for women and men have a classic visual appeal to accompany their robustness, and the fine balance the designers have struck between the two has made Bremont the largest watch brand in the British Isles within a relatively short space of time.

2. Christopher Ward 

Christopher Ward watches are manufactured in Switzerland but the full design process takes place in England at the Maidenhead headquarters. This brand has also been running for about 20 years and has earned a spot at the top of the British watch market in a relatively short period of time. Christopher Ward watches were also a trailblazer in the online market, being the first online-only watch seller. The prices of these watches tend to be more affordable than other watch brands, and this is because the brand cuts out the middleman wherever possible and only sells direct to the consumer. The signature design aspect of a Christopher Ward watch is the Trident lollipop second hand, contrasting impressively against the sharp hour hand. The brand sells everything from classy dress watches for special occasions to watches for sporting enthusiasts and divers.

3. Farer 

Farer is an independent watch company set up in 2015 and is another success story. Also designed in the UK but manufactured in Switzerland, Farer watches are inspired by the vintage watches of the 1960s and 70s, re-inventing these styles with a modern twist. Farer isn’t afraid to be different with their designs and does a brilliant job, being one of the youngest successful watch brands on the market.

4. Vertex 

The last luxury British watch brand that you need to know about is Vertex. Specialising in classic military watch aesthetics, this family-run watch brand re-opened in 2015 after a hiatus spanning about 40 years. Vertex was originally founded in the early 1900s as one of the 12 watch companies selected to produce watches for the military in WW2. In 2016, the original owner’s grandson brought the brand back to life. Now, each watch produced is not only a luxury item but a watch that pays homage to the wartime history which is so foundational to the brand itself.

So there you have it! After the end of WW2, the watchmaking industry in the UK took a dip, as it struggled to keep up with new watchmaking technologies in the same way that Switzerland did. But with British brands such as these four having made a name for themselves over the past 5-20 years, it looks like British watchmaking is finally making its comeback.

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