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7 Essential Items Every Man Should Have in their Toiletry Bag

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with so many different products on the market, each claiming to be wholly unique and tailored to any issue imaginable. To help you figure out what you actually need and what’s more of a luxury – not that there’s anything wrong with splashing out occasionally – here’s a list of 7 essential items every man should have in their toiletry bag.

1. Facial cleanser 

One of the basics that every man needs to have to hand is a good facial cleanser. Whether you prefer gel cleansers, something with added minerals and vitamins or an exfoliating scrub, make sure you have something that works for you.


2. Shaving cream 

There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a situation where you have to shave your face with just water - razor burn is never a good thing! So, make sure you have some kind of shaving cream or lotion in your toiletry bag. You can pick up travel sized bottles from most stores. 

3. Aftershave

Your after-shave routine is just as important as your pre-shave is. Once you’ve gone through the cleansing and shaving process, you’ll want to have a nice smelling product to finish with. Whatever men's aftershave you opt for, make sure it’s one that you enjoy using or there will be no point in taking up precious room in your toiletry bag. 

4. Toner 

Not many people know of the many benefits that a toner can bring to your skin, but it’s definitely worth popping one in your bag. Every skin type can use toners and there are various types that are designed to target problem areas or sensitive skin types. In general, toners are used to balance out and soothe your skin in a way that leaves it feeling hydrated – much like a moisturiser but not quite the same.


5. Eye cream 

The next thing you’ll want to have in your toiletry bag is an eye cream. Choosing the right one will help you to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Look for ones containing caffeine and vitamins if looking awake is something you’re after in particular. We’d also recommend checking what thickness feels most comfortable for you, as some of the more concentrated eye creams can feel a little heavy instead of refreshing. 

6. Moisturiser 

In the same way that a decent face wash is an essential part of any skincare routine, so is moisturiser. Again, no matter your skin type, you will benefit from regularly using a moisturiser. Many men’s moisturising products are infused with vitamins and extracts that will give your skin the boost it needs to get through the day comfortably. 

7. Hand cream 

Despite the other suggestions on this list, this product isn’t for your face - but it’s still something you absolutely need on the regular. The skin on your hands goes through just as much as your face does, so it’s important to take care of it. Not only do dry hands feel uncomfortable and painful, they also don’t look great. Reduce the appearance of broken skin and improve comfort with a good hand cream.

James + Jake
James + Jake

And there you have it - 7 essential items that every man should have in their toiletry bag, whether you are at home, on the go, or away on holiday.

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