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Fashion Tips to Stay Comfortable and Stylish at Home

Expectations for menswear have been subverted since the beginning of the pandemic. Trends that seemed fitting in our everyday lives simply became secondary, while comfortable clothing became a priority as the home office became our working place and meetings became Zoom calls. Even if many people settle for the old sweatpants and the faded t-shirt that only gets changed when it's time for the video call with the office staff, maintaining a minimally dignified look helps to hold on to self-esteem, neatness and organisation. The good thing about staying at home is that you can set the ideal temperature, by being well-dressed and not worrying about being too hot or cold, just install a smart thermostat and make the temperature pleasant for your style.

Flannel shirt and white T-shirt 

A classic of men's comfort wear. Warm, with a nice touch and a cool look, it will keep you warm on cooler days and bring a more urban touch to your look. To match with that, the white T-shirt with a nice fit, impeccable white collar in place, and the feeling that you've just got out of the shower never fails.

Son of a Tailor
Son of a Tailor

Jogger Trousers 

Let's just say this is one of the 3 trousers you could wear around the house, along with jeans and chino, both of which have plenty of elastane in the fabric. At least one of these options are owned by most individuals. The jogger, for example, becomes the perfect choice to have freedom of movement and ease of settling in wherever you want to do your chores or just relax. 


The cardigan has become the most chosen option of this season, being super easy to find, in various colours, cuts and different fabrics. It goes well with jeans, and brown or burgundy serge trousers. Underneath, a basic T-shirt is enough and makes the look more casual. 

Knitted jumper 

A knitted jumper with a good fit, besides being very comfortable, brings a more refined style to the outfit. Warm and cosy, it is practical when the temperature drops. It is versatile and goes with any trousers you want to wear, as long as the colours match.

David Gandy Wellwear
David Gandy Wellwear

Neutral colours 

Once indoors, people prefer to invest in comfortable clothes and, preferably, in versatile shades. These colours will match everything, regardless of your style, your physical characteristics or the occasion. Thus, neutral elements are stronger than ever, being seen both in stylish pyjamas and in casual clothes, and even in those formal ones we use during a video conference. At home, however, people end up not considering this option, since it cannot always be very comfortable. To avoid this, the best solution is to try different models. Straight fit or joggers are good alternatives. 

After learning about indoor style, there's no longer any excuse to spend the whole day in your pyjamas. From today, make sure you look good to keep your appearance and self-esteem up. With that in mind, it will be possible to fulfil your schedule while maintaining your motivation and taking care of your mental health.

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