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Clothing Items That Never Fall Out of Style

Fashion trends can be fleeting, especially in the past few years. Sometimes, it seems that a new trend can appear just as quickly as it goes away. Fortunately, style is not seasonal. In the words of Yves Saint Laurent, "fashion fades, style is eternal." Including these items in your wardrobe will make sure you look stylish every year, all year. These classics haven’t let men down yet! 

"Timeless fashion refers to styles and designs that are not influenced by current trends or fads, and therefore never go out of style. These styles are typically classic and elegant, and often have a traditional or vintage quality to them. Timeless fashion is characterized by its durability and versatility, as it can be worn for many years and can be easily integrated into a variety of different outfits."

Basic T-Shirt 

A basic t-shirt can go a long way when it comes to men’s style. They are so versatile, and work in any environment, especially when bought in neutral colours like black or white. They look very stylish when worn with shorts in summer, as well as paired with smart trousers and a jacket in winter. First produced in the 1910s, they shot to popularity when Hollywood stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean dazzled audiences in the 1950s by wearing t-shirts. They became a symbol of masculinity and non-conformity. You will never go wrong with a basic t-shirt.


Dark Slim Jeans 

Blue jeans emerged onto the fashion scene nearly 150 years ago and were originally designed to be work trousers. However, since then, jeans have become a menswear staple in modern fashion since the 50s and 60s. Like the t-shirt, they have become a symbol of masculinity. Male style icons have been rocking jeans in nearly every decade since the 50s. Brands like Levi’s and Diesel have dominated the men’s jeans market for a while now. Dark slim jeans are especially versatile, as they can be worn to work in some cases. They are comfortable, and they always look good. 


The modern ‘blazer’ as we know it originated from sports coats in Oxford and Cambridge. They have become one of the most iconic pieces of clothing for the working man. Extremely versatile, they can be worn to work with a shirt and tie, and with an open collar shirt or a t-shirt for more social occasions. This item screams class and gives the wearer a very masculine elegance. Blazers will never go out of style.


Polo Shirt 

Like the blazer, this item originated from sportswear. However, they are incredibly adaptable. They can be casual and relaxed, or classic and smart. You could look equally as stylish on the putting green or at a nightclub with this wardrobe staple. Furthermore, these come in so many different variants of colours and styles, so you will never be unable to find one you like. Brands are constantly releasing different styles of polo shirts, a testament to the fact they will never be out of style. 

Oxford Shirt 

Oxford shirts are simple dress shirts made of oxford cloth, which is a cloth that has a basket-weave structure and a very polished appearance. They are extremely popular as dress shirts, as they look extremely smart and stylish. Their fabric also makes them extremely soft and durable. Not only will these shirts feel great, but your money will go a long way as they will last a long time. Pair these shirts with jeans and boots for a more casual look, or they will always go great with a classic suit.

- John Henric
- John Henric


Brogues are classic leather dress shoes, but what makes them stand apart is the iconic perforations on the shoe that create a pattern. This is called ‘broguing.’ These shoes will always look great with a suit or a pair of jeans. Available in black, brown and blue, you will always be able to find a pair that goes with your wardrobe. Brogues will always be in vogue. 

Leather Jacket 

In 1917, the US Army invented ‘flight jackets’ for WWI pilots, which were leather jackets lined with sheepskin. The leather was important to keep the fighter pilots warm as the cockpits were open air and uninsulated. However, the 1950s were responsible for bringing them in vogue again. Dean and Brando once again brought them to the silver screen, and leather jackets became one of the most popular items in menswear. Steve McQueen’s appearance in one of these military leather jackets in ‘The Great Escape’ (1963) further increased the clamour for leather jackets. They are still immensely popular when it comes to streetwear in 2022. Practical, comfortable, and stylish, these jackets will never go out of style.

- AllSaints
- AllSaints

Gym Sportswear 

The men’s tracksuit was invented in 1939 by Le Coq Sportif and called the ‘Sunday Suit.’ They were invented for recreation and sport. However, tracksuits shot to popularity in the 60s when Adidas released a tracksuit collaboration with star footballer Franz Beckenbaur - otherwise known as Der Kaiser. Since then, matching sportswear has been an iconic staple of men’s wardrobes. Worn by Bob Marley, Bruce Lee, RUN DMC, Oasis and Blur, the tracksuit has become iconic across many fashion genres and multiple different subcultures. They will never go out of style. 

Trench Coat 

The trench coat has been around since the 1800s, when it was made for the British Military. However, it has evolved through time to become an iconic coat that is a menswear staple. It still has features that originate in military dress, such as epaulettes, belts, and straps. However, many brands today include these features to be more fashionable than functional. They can be paired with a smart suit but also jeans, making them a coat you can’t afford not to have in your wardrobe.

- Castore
- Castore

Classic Grey Suit 

If you’re bored of black suits but feel like the rest of your wardrobe would clash with the brightly coloured suits that are now popular, definitely have a look at grey suits. A grey suit can come in many different shades- a light grey may turn heads at a summer event or wedding, whereas a thick, dark grey suit can make you look incredibly stylish on a Winter morning’s commute. These suits also work wonderfully with white sneakers and an open collar shirt to make a more casual socialising look. 

Ankle Boots 

Leather boots, such as Chelsea boots or Doc Martens, can add a bit of rugged but smart flair to any outfit. Added to jeans and a leather jacket can bring that rebellious 1950s style to 2022. You could also pair with a nice suit to give a more 60s throwback ‘Mod look’ to your casual wear.

- T.M.Lewin
- T.M.Lewin

Puffer Jacket 

Puffer jackets were invented by Eddie Bauer in 1936. An outdoor enthusiast, he invented the jacket to keep people warm when camping outdoors. Practical but stylish, they can be seen anywhere from a hiking trail to a Balenciaga runway. If you’re the type of man that likes adventure and the outdoors, but also likes to look stylish, a puffer jacket can bring a bit of timeless flair to your outfit. 

These are some of the most iconic and timelessly stylish cuts throughout men’s’ fashion history. By investing in some of those staple pieces, you can transform your wardrobe, so you will look stylish no matter what’s currently on the runway.

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