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Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Cross-Body Bags

The cross-body bag has been on the fringes of popularity for several years. However, thanks to big brands like Nike, Adidas, and Supreme entering the cross-body world, these bags are now more popular than ever and an essential part of men's clothing. Considering you can store everything from your wallet to a disposable vape pen, keys, and sunglasses in one, it is no surprise more and more men are wearing them. Here is everything you need to know about cross-body bags.

What is a Cross-Body Bag? 

A cross-body bag is a small and compact bag that can fit most small items with a long strap that can fit over your shoulder or around your waist. Most people will know them as moonbags, but nowadays, many different shapes and sizes are available.


The materials of a cross-body bag vary, but the two most common are canvas and leather. Canvas allows for a bag that is a bit sturdier and usually cheaper and is perfect for those looking for something that will last longer and take a beating. On the other hand, a leather bag is more stylish and is perfect for someone who wants a bag that matches their more formal taste. It is suited for the boardroom, a night on the town, or a formal event. You should also be aware of whether the material is waterproof; since you will be carrying valuables, you don’t want them to get soaked if it rains or you drop your bag in water. 


Cross-body bags come in various sizes, from something big enough to carry a laptop to something small enough to hold your keys and wallet. Depending on your needs, many choose a bag instead of filling their pockets. Cross-body bags are also considered “safer” in this sense, as you don’t have to worry about anything falling out of your pockets or being pickpocketed. 


Cross-body bag styles vary greatly; you get the classic bum-bag shape, laptop bag shape, and then multiple in between. Once again, what you want the bag to do and how you want to use it will determine the style you get. There are also some that have smaller handles that allow you to carry them as well as wear them. This may be slightly inconvenient for some, but others find it easier to move around and access with a handheld one.

Where it Should Sit 

The question of where it should sit depends on how easily you want access to your bag to be, its comfort, shape, and how big it is. Regarding size, if you have a smaller bag, it would be best to wear it closer to your chest area, as then it won’t be in the way. Something that is big enough to carry a laptop would be better to carry lower, around waist height, as you will be able to control it, and it won’t swing around the entire time. Bum-bags are shaped to fit around the waist, meaning they will fit quite comfortably under your arm or across your chest. 

Wear With Loose-Fitting Clothing 

When wearing a cross-body bag, wearing loose-fitting clothing is almost always your best option. This is simply because wearing it cross-body tends to look more casual, and if you’re wearing formal clothing which is more fitted, it just doesn’t suit the bag. Big jackets, jeans, cargo pants, oversized jerseys and t-shirts; all of these items pair with a cross-body bag brilliantly. You must also remember that most bags take inspiration from street style; it is why a briefcase wouldn’t match well with a street style outfit. 

Use Them Practically 

Never underestimate just how practical cross-body bags are. They are designed to carry most of the small things you may need during your day, out on the town, or even in the wilderness when you’re on a hike or walk. A cross-body bag exists for its practicality; the fashion aspect of them is secondary. Most people would admit that they don’t always have enough or big enough pockets and don’t want to take a backpack with them everywhere they go; this is where the cross-body bag shines.

Find One That Suits Your Needs 

Considering there is such a huge variety of bags, don’t settle for the first one you see. There are some that are made for more aesthetic purposes, but there are also some designed to be the only bag you ever use. Think of the military or a builder; people in both spheres use small bags to carry their equipment or tools, and you can do the same thing. 

Don’t Be Scared of Them 

Finally, there tends to be a stigma surrounding cross-body bags; many refer to them as “murses” or male purses. While this is not only untrue, you are shutting yourself off from a world of utility and versatility. Many men tend to see something like a cross-body bag as something that is closer to the male version of a woman’s accessory and tend not to view the bag on its own merits; this is a mistake, and considering how popular they have become among men, many have looked past these fashion stigmas.

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