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How to Get a Good Foam on Your Beer? Practical Tips for Pouring Beer

Pouring the perfect beer can come across as tricky. But fear not. With a little practice and a few pointers, you will be able to pour a fine brew with a nice foamy top. If you are like most brew lovers, you certainly have some interest in the art of mastering the perfect beer. As you know, though, picking the right brand and quality is only half the job. In fact, knowing how to pour is an equally important element to obtaining a nice foamy drink. Whilst it is true that practice makes perfect, a little theory can go a long way. Are you interested in learning the different techniques to get yourself the best drink? Read on! In this article, we will share some secrets and practical tricks to get the perfect foam on your beer.

The Basics of Beer Pouring 

Beers come in a wide range of shapes and forms. Notwithstanding, whether you are relying on a beer dispenser or pouring it out of a can or a bottle, the secret to the perfect consists of a few, simple steps. These are: 

- Keep the glass clean. As is often the case, hygiene is a must. Leftovers from previous drinks in and around the glass or even detergents can get in the way of reaching the perfect foam consistency. 

- Find the right angle. You must have heard it before: tipping your glass to a 45-degree angle will help you keep your beer smooth and prevent excessive bubbling. Conversely pouring it straight down will lead to excessive foam. What you are going for, rather, is a dense, almost creamy yet fluffy foam sitting right on the top 1/3 of your drink. 

- Check your aim. When pouring your brew, you should aim at the very centre of your glass or pint. This will not only help you prevent any splashing that might compromise foam texture, but it will also give you a better sense of when to stop - therefore avoiding overpouring.

The Specifics: Pouring Draft Beer from a Standard Tap 

As mentioned above, the 45-degree angle rule applies to all kinds of pouring. When drawing from a tap, the glass should be placed very close to the tap and kept at a 45-degree tilt until it reaches two-thirds full. The glass should then be tilted back to a level position to produce a textured foam to top it off. Along with relying on quality beer equipment such as the ones you can find here, keeping a keg inventory is likely the most important thing when it comes to pouring a beer from a tap. This is because, as you pour out of the keg, the beer will inevitably change its consistency. Since more air is coming out of the container, the foam will become progressively bubblier (sometimes to the point of being undrinkable). It is important to keep track of how much beer is left - this will also help you avoid serving brews that contain any sedimentation from the bottom of the barrel (a phenomenon known to beer lovers as “floaties”). 

What about Pouring Beer from a Can? 

Ask any true beer lover and they will tell you they rarely - if ever - drink their beer straight out of a can. In fact, pouring it into a glass allows you to not only enjoy your drink more comfortably but also appreciate its aroma. Applying the 45-degree tilting rule, aim for the very centre of the glass, progressively moving the can towards a level position as you reach the top ? of your drink. As you can see, this is fairly similar to what we have mentioned before. Once you get the right technique under control, you will be able to pour a nice foamy drink even out of the most affordable brews. 

Tip: When storing your beer cans in the fridge, keep them in an upright position and avoid stirring them up. If you are just bringing them home from the store or they just made their way to your bar from the providers, allow them to rest for a while to avoid excessive fuzzing and the risk of beer pouring out everywhere.

The Bottom Line 

Whether you are interested in running a bar or are looking into practical tricks to make the best out of your home beer machine, you will be relieved to know pouring the perfect brew does not need to be difficult or expensive. Just remember that all brewers and beer lovers have started out just like you. What’s more, no matter your budget, there is no shortage of tools to help you set up your home beer bar. A quick internet search will provide you with all the basics - from complete sets to coolers and different beer machine components. This way you will be able to pour yourself the nicest beer with the perfect foam whenever you want.

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