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Best Henleys to Wear During the Christmas Season

With Christmas just around the corner, it's not just the gifts we're thinking about. Festive parties, family gatherings, and other events ramp up during the season, so planning your wardrobe in advance can help save some headaches. A comfy Henley shirt is a wardrobe staple that can become the backbone of all your holiday outfits. Here are the 7 best Henleys to wear during the Christmas season:

Christmas Fashion 

Good news! You don't have to wear ugly sweaters or all red during the Christmas season. While if you're invited to a black tie event, you'll surely need a tux, on most other occasions opting for smart-casual outfit combinations is the best call. Choose chinos, wool trousers, or jeans for bottoms, and simply adjust the top for the situation. Pair your Henley with a blazer for your office Christmas party, and swap the blazer for a cardigan when meeting up with friends. Of course, if you prefer, you can always incorporate red or green elements for that extra holiday mood.

- Free Fly
- Free Fly

Polo Ralph Lauren Henley 

The brand is an icon of that preppy New York style, and their Henleys embody the same emotion. Do you know what else New York is known for? Christmas! Ralph Lauren offers perfectly fitted cotton Henleys in classic colours you can easily style for any Holiday event. The high-quality, soft, and well-fitted tee is an absolute must-have! 

Bonobos Luxe Henley 

We love Bonobos Henleys because of their textured and thick fabric. The brand is known for its quality and durability, which makes getting their Luxe Long Sleeve Henley a no-brainer. It's also the perfect layering piece for your Christmas season meetings and gatherings. Choose from red wine, green, or blue colours to match your favourite wardrobe pieces.

- Polo Ralph Lauren
- Polo Ralph Lauren

Buck Mason Pima Short-Sleeve Henley 

There's no secret that Christmas parties can get hot, so if you feel the night can turn in that direction, come wearing a short-sleeve Henley. And there's no better choice than the timeless Buck Mason Pima cotton tee. It looks great on any body type, and the fabric is super soft and breathable, so you can dance the night away. We love the curved hem and the colour options that allow you to find the best match for you. 

Fresh Clean Threads Long-Sleeve Henley 

One of our favourite tee brands, you can get a slim-fit long sleeve Henley tee from Fresh Clean Threads for an affordable price. Their silky smooth tri-blend fabric from high-quality polyester, cotton, and rayon flatters the body and is stretchable and breathable. The curved hem of the tee accentuates your build, and the overall fit is perfect if you want to show off those guns.

- Buck Mason
- Buck Mason

J. Crew Garment-Dyed Slub Cotton Henley 

J. Crew offers a timeless classic that looks fantastic on any occasion. Their slub cotton Henley is stylish, comfortable, soft, and durable. The tee comes in a few must-have colours and has that beloved worn-in look. Another thing we love about this garment is that its colour fades over time, giving you that one-of-a-kind look. 

Free Fly Bamboo Flex Henley 

Love washed-out colours? Then you'll love this soft yet sturdy bamboo-blend Henley from Free Fly. It will help switch things up between the classic navy and black tees and add character to any outfit. The tee is an excellent choice for celebrating with friends at your local pub or for a Holiday board game night.

J. Crew
J. Crew

Everlane Waffle Long-Sleeve Henley Tee 

Everlane's Henley is made of 100 percent cotton, and the waffle texture makes it a much-needed change from your classic tees. This shirt provides high quality, excellent fit, and comfort and is the perfect choice for a relaxed holiday get-together, sipping hot wine or chocolate and enjoying gingerbread cookies. 

"A Henley shirt is a collarless pullover shirt, characterized by a placket that is typically shorter than the length of the shirt's neckband and has a round neckline. It is named after the English town of Henley-on-Thames, where it was first produced in the 19th century. Henley shirts are often made of cotton or other natural fibers, and are a popular choice for casual wear."

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