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The Best Things to do in Utrecht and Where to Park

One of the most remarkable places to visit in the Netherlands is Utrecht, which is only a short train ride to the southeast of Amsterdam. It was formerly the religious and cultural hub of the nation, so it offers a ton of intriguing historical and cultural tourist sites for you to check out. It features a lovely medieval town divided by the scenic Oudegracht canal. The picturesque cobblestone alleys of Utrecht, a bustling university town, are lined with cafés, restaurants, and pubs. Even though Schiphol is home to many museums and art galleries, you can also travel to other locations with a car rental Schiphol.

See St. Martin's Cathedral 

St. Martin's Cathedral located on Cathedral Square, or the Domplein in the center of Utrecht, is a magnificent structure considered one of the most significant churches in The Netherlands. The locals refer to it as the Dom Church (Domkerk). Highlights include several ancient graves and a vault that consists of the internal organs of Conrad II and Henry IV, two emperors who passed away in Utrecht. The charming 14th-century cloister that connects the cathedral and university is noteworthy. While visiting the cathedral is still among the best free activities in Utrecht, you may spend a little money on a delectable meal in the on-site tearoom. Sunday services are open to guests as well.

- St. Martin's Cathedral
- St. Martin's Cathedral

Learn at Centraal Museum 

The oldest municipal museum in the country, it was founded in 1838 and has ever since provided visitors with an enthralling glimpse into Utrecht's past. You may learn about a wide variety of artists in the field of art and design, many of whom have left a lasting impression on the city throughout the years with their stunning creations. 

Excursion at Huis Doorn 

The same-named manor house in the little village of Doorn, just outside of the city, used to be the residence of Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor. Huis Doorn is a fascinating afternoon excursion situated amidst a beautiful garden with a moat encircling it. You can also see Wilhem II's modest tomb located in a quiet area on the grounds. 

Spoorweg Museum 

Utrecht has long been an effective transportation hub due to its closeness to Amsterdam and its location in the center of the Netherlands; today, trains still crisscross the whole nation from its central station. Therefore, it is only appropriate that the Spoorweg Museum, which is home to the country's national railroad museum, is situated there. You can rent a car rental Holland to enjoy the spectacular view. Parking outside the museum is convenient.

- Centraal Museum
- Centraal Museum

Visit the Rietveld-Schröderhuis 

One of the finest instances of "De Stijl" architecture in existence, this one-of-a-kind house was created and constructed by the renowned Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld and is now open for tours. The building's outside has several unique patterns, with panels, poles, and lines of all colours arranged in different orientations that lay before you. It has been named mainly for Truus Schroder-Schrader, who commissioned and resided in it. Visits to the inside are just as spectacular. There aren't any rooms, only an open, flexible space that can be built or modified. You can find paid parking nearby for your rented car.

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