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Soap Making for Him: Make Your Own Manly Bar of Soap

Are you tired of being unable to find the perfect soap at your local drugstore? The choices may seem aplenty, but they either lack nourishing ingredients, or there’s something amiss with the scent. Wouldn't it be great if you could craft your own soap with just a few simple ingredients? Soap-making is a centuries-old practice. Experts have traced its origins to 2800 BC and the ancient kingdoms of Babylon and Sumer. Of course, the art of creating soap has evolved over the years, and people have refined their techniques with the hopes of making a perfect bar. In the following sections, we’ll share all of our tips and tricks, so let's begin:

How to Get Started 

Soap making has become increasingly popular over the years primarily because people want to avoid harsh chemicals and pick scents they find pleasing. How many times have you found a product with all the right ingredients only to be deterred by its cloying smell? This way, you’ll have complete control over the process. If you are entirely new to this, the best way to get started is to find a reputable class to join. The good news is that you don’t even have to leave your home to do so, as there are plenty of online courses like soap making on Zing that’ll cover all of your needs. There are numerous pre-recorded videos you can always access if you get stuck along the way. Moreover, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of which ingredients you’ll need to use for optimal results.

Some of the items you’ll need include: 

Soap base — There are several options you can choose from when selecting your soap base. If you’re after something calming, you can go with an aloe vera-based one. Those who prefer more nourishing ingredients can opt for shea butter, as your skin will surely enjoy its creamy texture and silky feeling. 

Soap mold — Of course, you’ll need something to pour your soap in. Due to their practicality, most people purchase silicone soap molds. They are flexible and durable, so you’ll have no trouble extracting your soap. 

Essential oils — This is the part you’re really here for, as you can use various essential oils to create the perfect scent. For instance, cedarwood is a good option if you want something woody, while the bay leaf is for those who prefer spicy notes. What’s more, each has properties that can benefit your skin, and you can read more about them here

Exfoliants — If you want soft and supple skin, make sure to incorporate some exfoliants into your new soap. You can add ground coffee with anti-inflammatory properties or poppy seeds high in antioxidants. 

Rubbing alcohol — The final ingredient might seem strange, but it is mostly used to eliminate bubbles when you pour your soap or to spray on the mold to facilitate the removal process. 

Now that you have all the basics down, you can start your soap-making classes and get one step closer to developing the perfect formula.

Tips and Tricks 

Once you start making your first batch of soap, you’ll notice a lot of things can go wrong very quickly. That’s why we’ve decided to include some useful pointers to make the whole process more manageable. First, make sure to measure all of your ingredients ahead of time. You’ll be able to see whether you’re missing something, and it will speed up the whole process. Never allow your supplies to run out because it can be a real hassle when you’re in the midst of soap making and you have to leave everything just to purchase one thing. Suppose you decide you like this activity and want to make it a permanent hobby — make sure to buy your supplies in bulk. Finally, once you’re done, give your equipment 3–5 days to sit, and then soak everything in hot water. This way, you won’t have to deal with greasy remnants ever again. 

Soap making can be an interesting pastime activity once you get the hang of it. You’ll get to handpick all of your ingredients so that you can create a bar that will nourish your skin and create a scent that will pair well with your everyday perfume. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become so fond of the entire process that you open up your own business one day. Until then, practice makes perfect!

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