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Things to Consider When You Want to Wear Shorts to the Office

While many men wear slacks and jeans year-round in the workplace, it can be much cooler in the hot summer months to enjoy wearing shorts instead. If you haven’t gone down this path before because you think there’s no way you could get away with wearing this type of clothing in the office, you might like to re-examine your beliefs. Sometimes, shorts can be acceptable in a work environment, provided you choose the right design. Here are some tips to help you wear shorts confidently in the office this summer.

Keep the Length Suitable 

Length is a significant factor in making shorts work-appropriate. You don’t want to be worried about showing too much skin or giving the wrong impression by wearing clothing that’s too risqué or that restricts your movement in the workplace. Avoid giving colleagues, your boss, clients, etc., too much of a view by wearing shorts that reach close to your knees. You’ll find many men’s dress shorts are a suitable length, so if you go for dressier options, you shouldn’t have a problem, provided you choose the right fit for your body.


Choose Tailored Options 

Selecting more tailored shorts when you want to wear this type of clothing to the office is also beneficial. Steer clear of casual, frayed, or holey styles that work better when going to the gym, running, kicking the football around with friends, or simply relaxing at home. To look polished and professional, stick with tailored silhouettes that are neat and streamlined rather than too baggy. For most people, a straight cut works well. 

Pick Materials with Care 

Of course, the materials shorts are made out of also impact how appropriate the clothing is for the office. It’s best to stick with more luxurious, expensive-looking fabrics that give a more formal edge that suits a workday. For instance, those in plaid or tweed can work well, as can a nice thick, sturdy cotton or cotton blend. It’s usually wise to avoid soft cotton shorts or those made of satin or crepe, etc., that could bunch up, crush, or look too much like you should be in a nightclub rather than the workplace.

- Hackett
- Hackett

Consider Adding Layers 

One great way to dress up your shorts for the office is to add layers to your outfit. If you select suitable items to go with the bottoms you wear, you’ll help yourself look professional. For instance, you could ensure you don’t come across as too casual by pairing shorts with a nice blazer, a collared shirt, or even a vest and jacket or shirt and tie. These days, matching coordinated ensembles are pretty popular, too, so you could get a short-suit combination happening by wearing a jacket and shorts made from the same material. Pop a simple white, black, or gray t-shirt, for example, under the blazer to break up the look and stop it from becoming too “matchy-matchy.” 

Wear Covered Shoes With Your Shorts 

The shoes you pair with your shorts also make a difference in how formal your outfit looks and if it works well enough for the office. It’s always a good idea to opt for covered shoes with your shorts, such as a nice dress shoe or, depending on your workplace and its culture, a well-made sneaker. Never wear flip-flops or other very casual footwear with your shorts, as this can seem like you don’t care about your look or feel like you should be on vacation rather than working!

- Ralph Lauren
- Ralph Lauren

Add Accessories 

Focus in on your accessories when wearing shorts to the office, too. Adding stylish statement pieces can elevate your look and help show that you take pride in your appearance and vibe. For instance, you could add a nice belt, wear a tie, or utilize a fashionable scarf. You might also like to choose some polished statement pieces, jewelry-wise, that you can incorporate into your outfit to get a more professional look. Chains, rings, stylish watches, and the like can help you come across as more dressed up than you’d otherwise be seen and can also help to bring your entire outfit look to life. Shorts are comfortable and the perfect piece of clothing for the hot summer months, but they’re not traditionally worn so much in the office. You can change this trend, though, and get comfortable in the workplace by choosing the right shorts and working on your entire style, from head to toe.

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