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4 Craft Breweries in the UK That You Should Check Out

The UK has plenty of pubs all across the country. Yet, there’s bound to be a place where you can enjoy a fabulous craft beer. This guide will go over the four craft breweries in the UK that you should check out. Whether it’s somewhere in London or elsewhere, you can try a craft beer that you can appreciate. You might even live near one of these breweries yourself. Before we get to the list, let’s talk a bit about modern breweries.

How Are Modern Breweries Run? 

Modern breweries are much different than one that is traditionally run. Yes, the beer is usually made on site. The use of modern technology has also made it possible for microbreweries to be operated. For example, managing inventory and processing orders have never been easier than ever. That’s why software such as Ollie can be reliable for brewery owners everywhere. They can keep track of everything all in one place. Meanwhile, your brew crew can serve your current batch of beers. All while perfecting new blends that any beer lover will appreciate.

- Three Tuns Brewery
- Three Tuns Brewery

4 Craft Breweries in the UK 

Now, we’re going to take a look at the top four craft breweries in the UK that you should check out. You might check one out in England one day and make a jaunt over to Scotland or Wales for the next stop. Planning a trip might be worth it, even if it means crossing into other borders. Let’s get started with the following list below: 

Three Tuns Brewery 

Our first stop takes us to Shropshire to a place where the first brewing license was issued in England. The year was 1642. The building is still standing after all these years. The beers made here at Three Tuns Brewery are brewed using the yeast they’ve grown and refined for over a century. This warehouse style brewery is known for hosting a ton of beer festivals and live music events. The building may be close to 500 years old. Yet, it’s still standing solid and a place where you and a few friends can hang out over beers and tunes. If you’re outside of Shropshire, take a road trip (with the right tools) and head over to the Three Tuns Brewery. 

Hackney Church Brewing Co. 

The next brewery we’ll go to is in East London. It may be one place that may reign supreme when it comes to craft beer. That’s because the head brewer creates his beer like Gordon Ramsay (or any highly reputable chef) uses ingredients that are fresh and locally sourced. Even better, they have a grain mill right on the property. Their goal is to make every bit of beer they make packed with freshness and flavour. This brewery is located close to a few others in the area. Yet, you might now want to miss out on the opportunity of trying a beer along with one of many dishes they serve up. Yes, you can grab dinner and a beer right here Wednesday through Saturday evenings. There’s also a weekly Sunday Roast at noon. You better get it while supplies last, however.

- Hackney Church Brewing Co.
- Hackney Church Brewing Co.

Knoydart Brewery 

We’ll be making a trip to the venerable Scottish Highlands. That’s where you’ll find the Knoydart Brewery. This place is located between Loch Hourn and Loch Nevis. There is no better way to enjoy a craft beer than enjoying the views of Scotland. Here’s the insane part - this place is not accessible by car. You can travel by boat or helicopter to get here. This might be one of the best kept secrets in the entire United Kingdom. If you don’t mind the hike and a bit of the ‘off the beaten path’ setup, the Knoydart Brewery Just might be the perfect place. 

Kingstone Brewery 

It wouldn’t be fair to leave a place in Wales out of the list. Located near the Tintern Abbey ruins is a microbrewery that offers plenty of IPAs, ales, and bitters. You can easily access this brewery by way of the walking trails of the Wye Valley. If you’re a fan of pizza, you can get one almost every night. If you want to stay the night, there are cabins not far from here known as The Hop Garden. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s possible to find a great craft brewery anywhere in the United Kingdom. Yet, these four stand out and for the best reasons. Whether it’s just for a beer or something to eat, you’re bound to find it. These four places really stand out because of their tasty selections. Plus, you’ll always have something to do nearby. Plan a trip with you and your friends and make the most of it. As always, drink responsibly and have fun. We hope this guide has been helpful.

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