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Vaping Etiquette: A Guide to Vaping in Public

When vaping first came to the scene, people did it pretty much everywhere. During those few years before it was regulated, you’d see people vaping on the bus, in libraries, pretty much all public places. When it started to really rise in popularity, the authorities created many of the same restrictions that are applicable to smoking. If you’re not quite clear on the rules of vaping in public, then read on for a brief guide on the etiquette.

Know the regulations relevant to where you are 

Regulations surrounding smoking and vaping differ from country to country, and it’s important to look into the regulations that are applicable to wherever you are. In many countries, vaping is banned in most public spaces, being covered under the same laws as smoking. It’s important to pay close attention here, or you could potentially face a sizeable fine.

Ask the people around you 

Regulations aside, you still need to be considerate of those around you. If you’re in a location where vaping is allowed, then it’s generally polite to ask the people in the near vicinity if they mind. This is obviously especially important if you’re in someone’s car or home - you might not mind the smell, but others might not be totally comfortable with it. 

Educate, but don't be preachy 

While vapes from online stores have helped a lot of people to quit smoking, it’s important not to force the benefits on anyone. Feel free to give people the facts about vaping, but make sure you don’t become preachy - if someone really doesn’t want you to vape around them, then respect their boundaries. If you need to vape at that moment, then just step outside for a second. 

Be mindful of the smell 

Remember that taste and smell are highly subjective. While you may love the smell of your vape clouds, someone else may equally find the whole thing to be highly overwhelming or sickly sweet. If someone appears to be visibly uncomfortable with the smell or with your vape clouds, then it’s best to stop vaping around them. For vaping around others, you can try to use less overpowering flavours, and vapes that produce smaller clouds.

Vape in moderation in public 

Vaping can be great, but it’s best not to force the practice on others in public. There’s a big difference between taking a discreet drag and blowing the vapour behind you and taking drag after drag and creating massive clouds. Be sensitive to those around you and the effect that your vaping habits might have on them. 

Throw your vapes in the recycling 

Finally, it’s important to dispose of your old vapes in a responsible manner. Whether old coils or used-up disposable vapes, don’t just throw them on the floor - they’re a significant eyesore, and contribute to pollution

As you can see, the most important thing is to use your own judgement and be mindful of those around you. Vaping can be great if you do it responsibly, but as with anything else, it’s important not to force your personal choices onto others.

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