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What Are the Habits of Well-Groomed Men?

Take a look around and you’ll see there are men who look well-groomed and men who don’t. Which would you rather be? It’s highly likely that you’ll want to be in the first category, and that makes sense – why wouldn’t you want to look your best at all times? The problem is that a lot of the time, men just don’t know how to look well-groomed, and no matter how hard they try, they start to creep into the second category by mistake. The good news is that becoming well-groomed and looking great is something everyone can do, and it’s all down to some simple habits. Read on to find out what they are.

Use SPF 

If this sounds like a strange thing to put on this kind of list, you’ll soon understand why it’s here – it really can make a difference. The habit of putting SPF on your skin every day, no matter what the weather, is crucial if you want to look well-groomed, and it’s worth putting sun cream on even if you’re not going outside, as then it really will become a habit. Your skin is a big part of how well-groomed you look, and if it’s healthy and smooth with an even tone, you’ll look a lot more put together than if it’s blotchy and blemished. Since the sun can do so much damage to your skin (often without you realising – you don’t have to get a sunburn to have an issue), wearing SPF means you can protect yourself a lot more. Even better, use a moisturiser that includes SPF, and your skin will look great.

- LifeJacket Skin Protection
- LifeJacket Skin Protection

Find The Right Hairstyle 

After your skin, your hair is possibly the most important element of looking well-groomed; it won’t matter what else you do if your hair is messy and needs some attention because that’s what people will focus on. The key is to find the right hairstyle so you know you can always do what needs to be done with it. If you pick a hairstyle that’s complicated or needs a lot of time and effort to keep up and you’re too busy or just aren’t that interested, soon enough your good intentions will lead to a messy head of hair. Pick a hairstyle you know you can handle, and you’ll always look well-groomed. Don’t forget, if you’re losing your hair, you can still do things that can make you look great, so don’t let it get you down. One option is to visit hshairclinic.co.uk for advice about hair transplants, for example, and another is to see a stylist with experience in thinning hair. In either case, the same principle is true: find the right hairstyle and you’ll always look well-groomed.


Get New Razors 

This idea is such a simple one, but it’s easily forgotten and when it is, it can lead to you not looking your best. It’s all about using new razors. If you use the same razor or razor blade for longer than around two weeks, you’ll start to have problems thanks to the accumulation of hair, skin, and – unfortunately – bacteria that can stick to the older blades. If you keep using that old razor, you run the risk of cuts, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and infections, all of which detract from your smooth skin. Have a good supply of your favourite razors or blades in the bathroom, and mark on your calendar when it’s time to change things and your skin will look much better as a result, and your grooming will be more positive too.

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