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The Iconic Donegal Tweed Suit

Magee 1866 have been tailoring since the 1940s and weaving since the 1860s. The Donegal tweed suit was perhaps a more utilitarian outfit then, compared to now where it is more a fashion statement or something to be worn for special occasions. We might be a little biased but we think the Donegal tweed suit has a place in every man’s wardrobe and this timeless outfit can be elevated in a very contemporary way.

A Donegal tweed by definition is a salt and pepper design. Inspired by the speckled landscape found in Donegal. Traditionally there are colourful neps or flecks found through the fabric. This season Magee 1866 have just dropped our new blue tweed 3-piece tailored fit mix and match - meaning you can buy just one element or the full 3-piece.

The complete 3-piece suit is a beautiful wedding outfit - as a guest or groom. Style with an open neck Irish linen shirt or clean white cotton twill shirt and tie. A knitted tie works really well with the tweed. The soft natural textures of the wool tweed & knit work really well together. Magee 1866 have also styled each element separately. The tweed trouser with a navy merino-cotton blend tailored shirt or a deep nightshade purple merino polo neck

“I love the idea of taking a ‘smart suit’ trouser and styling with something more casual.” - Charlotte Temple, Creative Director.

The waistcoat works really well worn with a shirt and either the matching tweed trousers or jeans. For a smart casual look wear the blazer on its own with a shirt or knit and jeans. For a super layed back look add trainers. Add the new Magee 1866 chunky navy herringbone Erne coat to complete the look. 

These are our suggestions, but we would love to see how you make these pieces your own, tag @magee1866 on Instagram or Facebook.

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