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The Old Money Aesthetic for Men

In a world often dominated by passing trends, there's still a sophisticated and timeless style that shows how trends don’t have to expire: the Old Money Aesthetic. This aesthetic has become more popular thanks to tik tok promoting it. However, the female old money aesthetic gets more attention, so we want to talk about the male one. Rooted in tradition, this aesthetic is characterized by elegance, sophistication and true fashion sense. In this article, we will discuss the elements that define this style for men and see how you can add it to your wardrobe. 


A big part of this sophisticated aesthetic stands in the way you tailor your clothes. Invest in well-tailored suits, favouring neutral tones such as navy, charcoal, and earthy shades. This will offer you a classy look while keeping everything easy to style.

- Favourbrook
- Favourbrook

Wardrobe staples 

The old money aesthetic is all about cultivating a wardrobe that includes timeless essentials. Crisp white dress shirts, well-cut blazers, chinos, and classic loafers are some of the pieces you wanna get. These versatile pieces effortlessly transition from casual to formal, giving you some effortless sophistication. 

High quality fabrics 

Having money in the name, this aesthetic needs to look qualitative and expensive. Opt for garments crafted from good materials like cashmere, tweed, and wool. You can find such garments on ShamrockGift. Beyond aesthetics, these materials are soft to the touch and add to the luxurious feel and look of your outfits. 

Classic accessories 

You want to choose classic accessories that complement rather than overpower for this style. Well-crafted leather goods, such as a briefcase or belt, are great examples of accessories that will showcase elegance. You can add vintage touches with pocket watches and cufflinks.

- New & Lingwood
- New & Lingwood

Relaxed elegance 

If you’re not a fan of formal clothing, you can extend the old money charm to casual wear with well-fitted khakis, polo shirts, and timeless sweaters. The aim is to maintain a classy and clean appearance even in more relaxed settings. 

Neutral harmony 

This aesthetic features a more neutral colour palette characterized by muted tones. This not only ensures versatility in your wardrobe but also works with the timeless elegance of the old money style. 


finesse Pay close attention to footwear choices because it matters when it comes to this style. Invest in timeless pieces like leather oxfords, loafers, and quality boots. Quality craftsmanship and classic designs are what the old money aesthetic is all about. While these options are more expensive, they’ll surely last you longer as well.

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