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Fashion Aspects That’ll Make Men More Interested in What They Wear

Even though women are usually more interested in fashion and they tend to be more aware of trends and stylish tips, men are starting to get more into it recently. Whether it's because of the increasing number of male fashion influencers or because of changing attitudes and they're more encouraged to show their style, we are here for it! If you’re one of them, keep up with the trends on Vogue men, and if not, this article is for you. Here we discuss some aspects of fashion that might make men more interested in certain choices and give them a deeper understanding of how to use style for their benefit. 


Understanding the historical context of fashion can be the approach you’re looking for to get into it. Fashion has played an important role in human history, reflecting social, political, and cultural changes. By looking into the history of fashion you’ll get many insights into how clothing has been used to express identity and status over the centuries. For instance, you can see the evolution of classic menswear staples like suits, which have gone through many trend changes and still continue to be symbols of sophistication. The history of the male suit spans centuries, beginning in the 15th century and continuing to change every century until today. It went from a 2 piece, to a three piece that included a waistcoat and breeches. Then, in the 18th century there was the tailcoat. After that, a more comfortable approach was used and that’s how we got the suits we know today.

- Drake's
- Drake's


In recent years, sustainability has become a theme in the fashion industry, getting the attention of both men and women. Many men are drawn to sustainable fashion because of its ethical and environmental benefits. Understanding the environmental impact of clothing production, such as the immense water usage and greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional manufacturing, should inspire you to make more eco-conscious choices. So instead of buying your clothes at a fast fashion shop, try smaller brands that use sustainable practices and material. For example, a natural woolen sweater you can get online from Shamrockgift is more sustainable than a polyester one that you find in any shopping center. By choosing these sustainable materials and ethical brands, you reduce your carbon footprint and also support a more responsible fashion industry.

- Baudoin & Lange
- Baudoin & Lange

Easy Styling 

To make everything seem less overwhelming, having a basic understanding of color coordination, fabric choices, and outfit pairings is all you need. You should own a couple of classic items such as plain t-shirts, a suit, denim pieces and some trousers. After that, make sure you add some color into your wardrobe and match it with any of the classics. Patterns and fits are what to look into next. If you take it all step by step, you’ll be a fashion genius in no time.

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