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London: Here’s Why You Should Visit at Least Once

Whether you're looking for somewhere historical to visit or not, London has been honed in on as one of the most genuinely incredible cities anybody could ever visit. Whether you are excited about the 2000 year old history, the bloody history of London, or you simply just want to go and see the architecture, London is somewhere that absolutely you should have on your bucket list. You need to visit London at least once, and whether you're looking for the best VR experiences London has to offer or you're looking to visit museums that have been older than you., then you need to consider this list of reasons that London is the place to go next. Don't forget to plan your trip in advance. When you visit a city as beautiful as London, you need to have things planned.

Explore the British Library

So many people go to London for their experience, but the British Library is one of the oldest libraries in the world. There's over 150 million catalogued items held inside and some of these date back as far as 2000 BC. The very first home editions of the 15th century marvel of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales are housed here. There's also the original sheets that were penned by The Beatles and a copy of every single book published in the UK and Ireland. If you think you've seen a big library, you've not seen anything yet.

Immerse yourself in the Shakespearean experience

London's theatre scene is massive, and the West End has some of the most amazing musicals and classical plays that you'll ever see in any other city. But you can go beyond that and head yourself to the Globe to see William Shakespeare's works in action. Shakespeare's Globe is a painstakingly reconstructed version of the original Elizabethan Playhouse. The Royal Shakespeare Company is based in the playwright's home of Stratford upon Avon, but the plays that you'll find in Shakespeare's Globe are none other than the originals. 

Head to a traditional London Pub

British pub culture is easily mocked, but unless you've been to an original traditional London pub, you've not seen anything yet. British Beer is as eclectic and delicious as ever, and most good pubs have the best food you could ever find. The George in London Bridge allows you to enjoy some of the same delicious drinks that Shakespeare did. The old Blythe Tavern in Catford is the city's best Irish pub. Most of the London pubs are Grade 2 listed buildings, which means they can never be torn down or changed from what they are, allowing this rich history to continue to ripple through London.

Add architecture on your list

From the Hayward Gallery to the London Dungeons itself, the architecture in London is simply stunning.Heading to Spitalfields Market, you'll find some of the most exquisite architecture throughout the city. In Christchurch.Greenwich is sprawling. Royal Naval College is another that exists to show off London's baroque architecture. The capital will also allow you to see some of the most amazingly beautiful Gothic Revival buildings.

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