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Photography by Craig Landale

Sneaky Socks

Have you got a fun and interesting personality? Nothing is more appealing than a man with personality who is not afraid to express himself. 

Men’s accessories sections are getting bigger within stores too. Still hesitating? Start showing your personality via something as minor and simple as socks

I couldn’t help it, I had to snap a picture of this man as I walked past him in London on his way from work. His workplace has a strict dress-code of "office attire", so what does he do?

He expresses himself discretely with the help of sneaky accessories! The red dotted socks is his way of adding colour to a business outfit at work. This made him feel funky, but still appropriate. 

Working in offices (in different industries than fashion), I have noticed men have much fewer options of colour and alternative garments for work. 

80% of the time it is the plain suit and white shirt option for many men. From talking to a handful of corporate working men, it is clear that accessories have a way of slowly giving them more confidence in buying into fashion and trends.

"Adding colour to a business outfit at work"
"Adding colour to a business outfit at work"

Accessories have a way of converting daywear into eveningwear by buying pieces with colour and motifs. This can be in different colours, patterns and prints - but depending on how you wear them, they can be suitable for work, outings, travels or casual events. 

So don’t just walk past those green and yellow socks, or any other wonderful colourful accessories for that matter, buy them and let me know how you felt wearing them at work.

Doh! Very bad sock game
Doh! Very bad sock game
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