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Hexagon Modern Classics

You will find Hexagon Modern Classics discreetly tucked away near North London’s Alexandra Palace. 

Inside is a huge, minimalist warehouse space showcasing the finest examples of Porsches and BMWs from the 70s onwards. 

This new project is the brainchild of Paul Michaels, an industry veteran with 50 years' experience. His passion for sourcing and restoring rare cars is combined with a quirky, British brand of eccentricity that shines through in the details of the showroom.

The models are selected as the best examples of the most collectible 'modern era' classic cars. 

Hexagon believes that buying a classic is no longer the preserve of petrol-heads and the super wealthy. Here, you will find collectable models from just £20,000.

"The most collectible 'modern era' classics"
"The most collectible 'modern era' classics"

Of course, buying a beautiful piece of modern, motoring design will give you driving pleasure, but there’s also the chance to see the value of your purchase appreciate of the years. 

In fact, a modern classic can be a prudent investment compared with buying a new car. A recent AA report revealed that new cars now depreciate by 60% within the first three years of purchase.

"A modern classic can be a prudent investment"
"A modern classic can be a prudent investment"

Whereas, over recent years, industry trading has demonstrated the investment potential for good examples of modern classics, showing they deliver on savvy as well as style. 

Getting up close and personal with the exquisite pieces of design at Hexagon Modern Classics is a thrill. Whether you're in the market for a new motor right now or just appreciate great design, this unique collection is well worth a visit. Though watch out, you may find yourself a little tempted. 

Hexagon Modern Classics, 90 Fortis Green, London N2 9EY, +44(0)208 3485151

"This unique collection is well worth a visit"
"This unique collection is well worth a visit"
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