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Discover Shave Club UK

It’s surprising how one small change to your buying habits can make a huge difference to your bank balance in the long term. 

For those well-groomed chaps, you know exactly how much your wallet can take a hit when buying new razor blades, especially at supermarket prices - £16 for a 6pack, it’s no wonder they put security tags on them! 

You may as well visit a barber for a cut throat every other day for that price. A new online service from Shave Club UK aims to put a stop to this and is providing an inexpensive alternative to buying razors. 

Starting from a few pounds a month, you have the choice of the ‘Championship’ or ‘Premiership’ blades, which will be delivered with free postage right to your door.

Shave Club UK wants you to feel a part of the team, you can control whether you order monthly or bi-monthly and there is no contract or commitment. 

Not forgetting your lady, women's razors (The WAG blades) can also be added to your order but you might want to get payment up-front. We're trying to save you money here not help you spend more unnecessarily.  

With a direct comparison to the high street prices, you could actually be saving yourself £100 per year. As a proud British company, Shave Club UK have created an amusingly sarcastic and weird (and slightly offensive to Wales and Liverpool) "Kings Speech" style video about how the service works (below). So if you're interested, why not join the club and try the service out for yourself?

"Your wallet can take a hit when buying new razor blades"
"Your wallet can take a hit when buying new razor blades"


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