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Fashion Trends for Stylish Grooms

When it comes to the most popular styles for the season, clothing trends for men often take a back seat. However, this year more emphasis has been placed on men’s style. 

The wedding industry is making an unprecedented impact on the runway, and men’s fashions are featured as never before. Whilst the overall look departs from the traditional, designs are sophisticated and original. 

From slim cuts to accessories, 2014 promises to be the year of the fashionable groom.

Suits - Cut and Style

Tuxedos and suits cut-to-fit are en vogue. Slim lines are right for most builds, and it’s perfectly acceptable to waive the tuxedo in favour of more comfortable alternatives. 

Tailored trousers and jackets are ideal for almost every groom. Whilst the suit needs to reflect your personality, there are many different ways to make a statement. 

Why go traditional when a yd. suit is more your style? Texture and metallic lustres are hotter than ever in 2014. Side vents at the back add comfort and update the overall appearance. Side vents are also slimming and create a look that’s best for most physiques. 

Remember to keep an open mind and try outfits that aren't your everyday style; choose higher grade fabrics (like wool and silk blends) that will enhance your charm on the most memorable day of your life.

Zara Man Spring/Summer 204
Zara Man Spring/Summer 204

Suit Colour

Even though black, navy and grey are good choices for evening and formal weddings, stone and brown suits are making a comeback. Off-black and lighter hues tend to give the groom a relaxed look that coordinates with this year’s more casual bridal-gown designs. 

Vera Wang's designs focus on pink gowns for brides, so a light grey suit would make an attractive counter-part. Beige and tan look great when the weather turns cool too. 

Accent colours that draw the bridal-party attire together with the grooms/men’s apparel are another current trend. Various shades of blue are excellent colour options for ties and shirts.

Huntsman Spring/Summer 2014
Huntsman Spring/Summer 2014

The Extras

There are many alternatives for neckwear, neckties and bow-ties are both popular choices. However, tie colours are an individual choice. Decide what works [and is most comfortable] for you. 

A necktie with a "dimple" [a slight dent underneath the knot] provides a polished look. Likewise, a crisp bow-tie provides a finished appearance that, quite frankly, is unforgettable. 

Trouser braces are a trendy and sophisticated option for ring-bearers and groomsmen. Pocket squares are also back in full force, adding an understated theatrical touch.

Florentino Spring/Summer 2014
Florentino Spring/Summer 2014

On your wedding day, you can be well-dressed yet still yourself and comfortable. Although it’s necessary to be in step with your bride, there’s room for your individual flare to come through. 

Good taste, fashionable cuts, great colours, and attractive designs are all part of the overall look. Tasteful choices are as stylish now as they will be when you look back at your wedding photos years from now! 

Remember to stand tall and keep your pockets empty. Make an effort to choose the look that’s right for you, take a good look in the mirror, relax, and get ready for a wedding-day that will stand in time.

Hardie Amies Spring/Summer 2014
Hardie Amies Spring/Summer 2014


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