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4 Wedding Band Styles for The Groom

Just as the bride takes pride in her wedding ring, grooms also like their wedding bands to make a statement, in terms of both style and a solid gesture of their commitment. 

Today, there are as many different styles and designs of wedding rings for men as there are for women, and while this is a good thing - we don’t like to be too overwhelmed by choice! 

Grooms need something simple and smart to complete their wedding attire and thankfully, the following styles do not disappoint on that score. We’ve scoured the market for unique wedding bands so you don’t have to. We found some stunning modern styles to suit every possible taste.


Organic wedding bands embrace the beauty of nature and simplicity to create a truly unique type of ring. Ring designers who specialise in organic wedding bands may use gold, silver or titanium to create an irregular shape and manipulate the metal to create a rough, natural texture. These unusual ring designs are unlike any other style, appearing masculine yet artistic.

"Masculine yet artistic"
"Masculine yet artistic"


Wedding bands with a smooth wooden inlay are a very stylish choice and a unique alternative to plain gold and silver rings. There is something quite earthy and traditional about this style yet the design is strangely cutting edge. Think James Bond with a tad more heart and soul. 

"These debonair bands are gent personified"

"Earthy and traditional"
"Earthy and traditional"


Celtic rings may appear traditional and ancient in appearance but their symbolism will always be relevant. An infinite Celtic knot symbolises eternal love, friendship and loyalty so what could be a better choice of ring design on the big day? 

No-one can deny the romance and passion behind a Celtic pattern or engraving - they have such a strong historical element and yet they can be designed in such a sleek and contemporary form - making them ideal for any wedding theme.

"A strong historical element"
"A strong historical element"


For the indecisive grooms among us, a two-tone wedding band may well be the perfect choice. Two-tone rings give you the best of both worlds since you can contrast silver alongside gold. The combination of different shades of precious metal makes for a very unique wedding ring that suggests subtlety and timelessness with an air of cool. 

Complete the look on your big day and beyond with an elegant timepiece to compliment your wedding band. Look every inch the sleek and sophisticated groom with a dazzling statement watch or opt for a classic leather strap style for understated elegance.

"Subtlety and timelessness"
"Subtlety and timelessness"
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