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Photography by Craig Landale

How to make your suit summer worthy

One of the first things you should really do is to make sure you’re choosing an appropriate suit to wear in terms of material, as there’s not really any possible way you can make a fully lined wool suit wearable for summer. 

"The likelihood is you’ll just sweat beyond belief" 

The best material’s would be linen’s, cotton’s and even silk’s because they’re some of the most breathable fabrics, so you should be fine when its 20 degrees plus outside.

I think one of the biggest difficulties people have when they try and wear a suit during summer is how to style it. Most people try and think outside the box or struggle to find ideas of wearing a suit without a button up shirt, tie and a pair of oxfords - when really simplicity is the key. 

For example a cotton single breasted navy suit paired with a white t-shirt (tucked in) and some white trainers (with no socks) is a look perfect for summer. It's so simple and versatile and if it’s too hot, just take of the jacket and you’ll still look great.

"If it’s too hot, just take of the jacket"
"If it’s too hot, just take of the jacket"

But if that’s a bit too casual and you’re attending a summer wedding or formal event, it’s just as easy to smarten a suit up for summer while not looking like you’re going to the office. 

Just Grab a natural or stone coloured linen suit and pair with a white oxford shirt (no tie), a pair of brown loafers (sockless again) and a pocket square to add a bit of detail. You could also easily swap the linen suit for the navy suit mentioned earlier.

"Smarten a suit up for summer "
"Smarten a suit up for summer "

Now if you want to be more adventurous in your summer suiting why not try a shorts with a suit? I know many of you will hate the idea, but this is a perfect look for summer, because... well simply it’s a suit with shorts. 

You have the formality of a suit with the casualness of shorts, while it may not be to everyone’s taste the convenience of the suit is wonderful. You can style it like any other suit, (although calf high socks may not be the best idea) worn smart with an oxford, derby or brogue shoe or casual with a linen t-shirt and trainers.

"Be more adventurous in your summer suiting"
"Be more adventurous in your summer suiting"

While the colour and material of the suit are always some of the most important factors, this doesn’t mean you can slack on possibly the most important factor... how it fits. Remember just because it’s hot or you’re on holiday, doesn’t mean it’s okay to wear an ill-fitting oversized suit. 

So remember; simple, versatile, well-fitted, properly accessorised and breathable materials. The key factors that make a suit summer worthy.

"Simple, versatile, well-fitted, accessorised and breathable materials"
"Simple, versatile, well-fitted, accessorised and breathable materials"

*Featured illustration by Nicholas Frazier

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