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Why the Samsung UD590 Monitor is a Clear Winner

It’s not too often that we get this excited about tech, we previously featured fitness tech, travel tech and wearable tech but this is simply just a new monitor which has quickly become the talking point of the MWS office. 

Samsung is a global leader in technology and is transforming the world of TVs. Their new UD590 monitor introduces Samsung’s UHD technology, providing a mind boggling four times the resolution of Full HD (FHD) displays. 

Remember when HD first came along and you doubted how much clearer it could possibly be until you experienced it first hand, and now you cannot live without it? Well this is quite a similar scenario, you have to see the realistic picture to truly appreciate the clarity and vibrant colours.

"Technically speaking there is actually one billion colours to be seen"

With a response time of 1ms, the UD590 displays movies, games and Internet-streamed content perfectly and smoothly without any blurring or ghosting for an immersive viewing experience. It’s also proving to be the screen of choice for when we’re editing own own street style images and fashion photoshoot images since we’re able to truly see the colour details of garments. 

In addition to this, it has made for some great Wimbledon Tennis and World Cup Football viewing and is ideal for browsing new season fashion lookbook images since Samsung’s technology automatically detects the content’s original resolution and improves it with noise reduction to create sharper images. 

A firm favourite feature is the picture-in-picture 2.0 technology which lets you multi-task in full quality (working whilst watching sports for example).

"Ideal for browsing new season fashion lookbook images"
"Ideal for browsing new season fashion lookbook images"

The Monitor comes in a stylish slim black and silver design and has 64 times more colours than the standard monitor, clearly giving it the trophy of unrivalled colour quality set within a perfect office friendly 28-Inch screen. 

It also includes UHD up-scaling technology that converts low resolution content to UHD-level picture quality and creates sharper images. 

"64 times more colours than the standard monitor"
"64 times more colours than the standard monitor"
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