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See life from a new perspective with LACOSTE L!VE

The new fragrance from LACOSTE L!VE embodies an irrepressible energy. The energy to push boundaries and create its own path. 

"LACOSTE L!VE fashion blends edgy style and authenticity" 

It attracts creative spirits, providing them with new possibilities to dress in a unique way. The addition of a fragrance to the label’s universe was a natural step, but it had to embody the same creativity and uniqueness. 

The fragrance will help you to see beyond the obvious. New fragrance. New perspective. 


Digital and Social are at the heart of the integrated campaign with a strong focus on original bespoke content for Instagram and YouTube.

Running from 14th July to 24th August 2014, the global digital campaign launches with two world-renowned Instagrammers: Jared Chambers and Benjamin Heath, using their diverse, unique and creative Instagram photography to reveal an exciting #NEWPERSPECTIVE of one of the most photographed cities in the world - Barcelona. 

Captured exclusively for LACOSTE L!VE by director Luc Janin, their journey will be seen in a branded mini-documentary film and will be used as the YouTube Hero Film content and as YouTube Pre-Roll advertising.

Jared Chambers
Jared Chambers

Following this inspiring start by the film, everybody will be invited to use their imagination to find new perspectives on familiar people and places by uploading photos with #NEWPERSPECTIVE and @LACOSTELIVE on Instagram with the aim of capturing the everyday from a unique perspective. 

The very best will then be rewarded with global recognition and the chance to capture further new perspectives in Barcelona, where the story began. 

The Lacoste L!ve Campaign 

The new LACOSTE L!VE Fragrance is for people who see things differently; who see the creative opportunity in the everyday. July 2014 sees the launch of the new L!VE fragrance campaign in the digital space with: “New Fragrance, New perspective”.

"The everyday from a unique perspective"
"The everyday from a unique perspective"

The goal of the digital campaign is to raise awareness of the new fragrance and position the fragrance and brand as a champion of modern creativity. 

The brand’s audience is the instagram generation; the digital-marketing savvy young creatives who are passionate about digital photography and social media. 

“The new LACOSTE L!VE fragrance is an exciting new chapter for LACOSTE fragrances. The unique design, concept and holistic campaign appeal to a more urban consumer seeking authenticity and creativity. And its creativity that is at the heart of the new LACOSTE L!VE fragrance – from the way LACOSTE and P&G Prestige collaboratively developed the flacon, the juice and the innovative global campaign.” Antoine Delgrange, Global Marketing Director P&G Prestige.

"The brand’s audience is the instagram generation"
"The brand’s audience is the instagram generation"
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