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7 Great Men's Grooming Gadgets

The male grooming market has changed dramatically in recent years with 57% of men now claiming to use six or more grooming products everyday. 

Are you looking to up your game in the grooming stakes? Take a look at seven of the best men’s grooming gadgets below. 

1. Skin polisher 

It’s not just women who can benefit from exfoliating their skin. The same principle applies to men who want to eradicate the dirt and oil clogging up their pores. 

The best way to achieve smooth, healthy looking skin is to use a skin polisher. Whilst you could pick up any old exfoliating scrub, the easiest and arguably best way to cleanse your skin is to use an electronic skin polisher. 

The best way to describe this gadget is as a power sander for the face. It oscillates rapidly over the skin, allowing you to fully cleanse and smoothen skin within seconds.

2. Teeth whitening system 

Always longed for pearly white teeth but couldn’t bare to part with the cash? There’s a much cheaper option to going to your dentist. Now you can invest in a teeth whitening system to use at home. 

You simply squeeze the gel onto the mouthpiece, place it over your teeth and beam the laser at your mouth. The gel will whiten your teeth and give them a healthy looking shine and you can smile, free from the sensitivity caused by other teeth whitening strips and toothpaste.

"The gel will whiten your teeth"
"The gel will whiten your teeth"

3. Targeted hair trimmer 

Let’s be honest, no one wants to talk about nose and ear hair, but as you grow older, it’s something you’re going have to deal with! Remove it with a targeted hair trimmer and everyone will be none the wiser. It’s not a sexy grooming gadget to have in your bathroom cabinet, but it’s one you’ll be grateful of – trust us!

"No one wants to talk about nose and ear hair"
"No one wants to talk about nose and ear hair"

4. Razor blade sharpener 

Let’s face it, razors can be extremely expensive. Either you’ll buy a cheap razor only to find the blades cost a fortune, or you’ll spend way more than you’d like to buying disposables. 

'The solution? Buying a razor blade sharpener!' 

This handy gadget is designed to extend the life and sharpness of your razor blades from 15 shaves to over 150, saving you money in the long run. Simply run your razor blade over the RazorPit and they will remove residue, dead skin cells and whiskers, ensuring everything stays razor sharp and effective.

"Extend the life of your razor blades"
"Extend the life of your razor blades"

5. Electric toothbrush 

After all these years, you’d think it would be pretty embarrassing to find out that you were actually cleaning your teeth all wrong. However it’s more common than you think! This is why it’s recommended that you invest in an electric toothbrush with remote sensors. 

They come with a little device that alerts you, depending on whether or not you are cleaning your teeth properly and for the optimum length of time.

"It’s recommended that you invest in an electric toothbrush"
"It’s recommended that you invest in an electric toothbrush"

6. Sensor shaving mirror 

When it comes to shaving your face, the better your mirror is, the easier it will be to spot all of the stray hairs and prevent cuts. Today you can pick up shaving mirrors that have LED sensors, designed to mimic natural sunlight. 

They also have increased magnification, allowing you to get up close and personal with your face, ensuring you never miss a whisker. The great thing about these mirrors is that small re-chargeable cordless versions are available, ideal for the traveling businessman.

"Designed to mimic natural sunlight"
"Designed to mimic natural sunlight"

7. Laser comb 

Are things started to look a little thin up there? If so, it’s time to invest in a laser comb (ok we admit, this sounds a bit of a joke). This handy little gadget is far more than your average hair comb. Instead of simply combing through your hair, it zaps the follicles with lasers to stimulate new growth. Give it a few weeks and you should start to notice your hair thickening out. 

What male grooming gadgets do you have in your armoury? Have we missed any must-haves off the list?

"Zaps the follicles with lasers to stimulate new growth"
"Zaps the follicles with lasers to stimulate new growth"
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