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Tips for Facial Hair Care

Men grow beards for a lot of reasons. Some sport the extra facial hair for that striking masculine look, while others just let their hair grow as a sign of freedom. Whatever the reason is, beards need upkeep. 

If you don’t take care of your beard, you would pretty much look like a vagabond or a wanderer who just found his way into the city. To avoid that situation from ever happening, here are some facial hair care tips. 

Let it Grow 

In the early stages of growing a beard, the itch can be unbearable. Sometimes, it feels like you want to rip the skin under your jaw just so you can get some relief. 

'However, stick with it because it gets easier after a few weeks' 

When you notice a few centimeters of facial hair sprouting under your chin, do not try to shape or trim it immediately. Allow it to grow for about an inch or two before attempting to shape it.

Groom it 

Once you have a decent beard going, you need to take care of it, the way you would take care of the hair on top of your head. Allow us to show you how: 

- Apply shampoo a few times a week, preferably a moisturising shampoo to keep your beard from getting brittle. Many guys apply nothing on their beards or worse, they use a bar of soap. Soaps contain chemicals that will dry the skin where your beard grows. 

- You can also apply conditioner on the day you don’t use shampoo. A heavy-duty conditioner is ideal if you want your beard to be smooth. For days when you have to stay under the sun, consider applying a conditioner that doesn’t have to be rinsed out.

"Get help from a good barber"
"Get help from a good barber"

- This one is optional. You can use a non-comedogenic moisturiser and rub it on your beard. Eventually, the product will reach the skin underneath your facial hair, and hydrate it without clogging your pores. 

- Nothing gets rid of split-ends like a good trim. Long beards should be trimmed every two months and for the shorter ones, every 2-3 weeks. 

- Grooming is not complete without the right tools. Use an electric trimmer to cut hair at the outskirts of your beard. For shaping, grab a pair of scissors and a fine-toothed comb. Following this little system will reduce the chances of cutting your prized facial hair by mistake. 

Get Professional Assistance 

If you are not confident about your dexterity and motor skills, it is better to get help from a good barber. It is easier to take care of your beard after the barber has skillfully shaped it.

"You need to take care of it"
"You need to take care of it"

Make Sure it is Healthy 

While there are no foods that will facilitate beard growth, a healthy diet is generally beneficial for the hair and skin. If you want to show your commitment by looking for supplements, you need to consult the doctor first. Inquire about the positive results that come out with B complex vitamins. 

Another thing that you can do to keep your beard healthy is to have a good night’s rest. Researchers have discovered that losing sleep could delay beard growth. If your facial hair is not growing as expected, maybe you should spend more time on your bed.

"Beards need upkeep"
"Beards need upkeep"

*Closeup beard, Beard trimming & Bearded man images via Shutterstock

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