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Photography by Hannah Cassidy

Cutthroat Pete

His reputation precedes him, entrusted to chop the locks of Wayne Rooney (very expensive locks), members of the Everton football team, Hollyoaks cast et al (non-scousers welcome too), I was imagining this guy would be good! 

As you step through the doors of Cutthroat Pete's in Liverpool City centre you're immediately taken aback. Simple rugged OSB and scaffold poles steep the walls to create shelving, and arise from the floor to make up the single chair in the barbershop. The background ambiance created by some good ol' fashioned all American country music. 

This truly is a one-on-one experience. Those aforementioned shelves are adorned with Pete's own branded hair and beard products, t-shirts, hats and all other manner of merchandise which is selling in its droves worldwide.

Greeted by Pete (an ex Great Britain shot putter no less) with a giant handshake, he shows me to the chair, past Buddy the shop Chihuahua of course! 

He offers me a cool beverage from the mini fridge and I settle in for a 45 minute barbershop extravaganza! I mention the time because this is one of Pete's unique selling points. 

'Usually, guys will spend 30 minutes or less with their barber' 

Pete has increased his one-on-one time to 45 minutes per client, which allows him not only to get to know his clients better but to take more time and pride over his art - and it really is an art.

"This truly is a one-on-one experience"
"This truly is a one-on-one experience"

On the subject of art, this is obviously a big love of Pete's too. Numerous paintings, sketches and sculptures line the studio, many from fans and clients. 

To the rear of the studio is a walled off area. Behind it? A tattoo parlour run by non other than Ry Harris (he's kind of a big deal). It's a pretty sweet set up they've got going, I imagine they both share many clients, I myself am tempted by the colourful world of body art. 

Now down to business, the cut. Perfect. As you'd expect. This guy knows his fades from his hard-parts, his rockabilly from his jerryroll and is a master at executing them.

"The cut. Perfect. As you'd expect"
"The cut. Perfect. As you'd expect"

I gave him free reign and artistic licence with my mop and walked out all smiles. On top of this, his beard knowledge is sublime (not surprising given the fine example he sports). 

I myself am somewhat facially-follically challenged and he advised me on the upkeep and maintenance and how to trim to make it seem larger. 

A cutthroat shave later and I was looking primed and ready to go. This is a guy who loves what he does, a guy who gave up on Olympic medals in the pursuit of barbering glory. 

For that, his glorious shop, his impeccable beard and his masterful skills, he deserves your business. Be prepared to wait though, currently taking bookings for November so get in line!

"His beard knowledge is sublime"
"His beard knowledge is sublime"
"Buddy the shop Chihuahua"
"Buddy the shop Chihuahua"
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