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Interview with Christoffer & Fredrik of Spalwart

Trainers are not just for the gym. Sneakers, if that's what you call them are a intrinsic part of all our wardrobes. Spalwart, a Swedish shoe brand still have a firm grip on the past. The Eastern Europe factory, who once created beautifully made shoes, uses the same machinery that was used in 1950. That's what makes Spalwart so magical. Imperfectly perfect trainers, with a touch from the past. 

I talk to Christoffer and Fredrik the founders who explain everything we need to know about Spalwart.

How did Spalwart start? 

"During a visit to suppliers in Eastern Europe we came across a factory in Slovakia with machines and shoe molds unused since the mid 20th century. As true shoe aficionados, we saw it as our mission to put these tools back into use and present the world with characteristic shoe design, crafted in an authentic production process. This was the starting point for Spalwart."

How does the brand maintain relevancy?

"To us the product and the making of it is always in focus, we put logos and branding aside. This gives the shoe a minimalist and modest expression, leaving it up to the consumer to validate the quality and the experience of wearing the shoes. We are certain that if we keep making authentic and good products, we will continue to reach consumers with high expectations of their footwear – people like us." 

Why do Spalwart use the same mechanisms and moulds to make the trainers? 

"As said, we wanted to present the world with a characteristic shoe design, crafted in an authentic production process." 

Is minimalism a huge thing for Spalwart?

"No can’t say it’s a huge thing to us but aesthetically we prefer clean products." 

How different is Spalwart from similar brands?

"We think that Spalwart is a unique brand and we try not to compare ourselves to other brands. It is far more important to focus on our brand." 

How is Swedish shoe-making different to British or Italian shoe-making?

"British and Italian shoe-making still exits but not the Swedish."

How different is the A/W14 collection from other collections?

"We believe in the strong characteristic of our shoes and don’t try to change the products too much, rather refining them." 

Is the design aesthetic or designing the shoe functionality more important?

"To us, good design is both aesthetic and function." 

3 words to describe the A/W14 collection?

"Good characteristic shoes." 

Plans to move into the British market?

"Time will tell."


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