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Fitness Trends We Will See in 2015

If there’s one thing for sure it’s that fitness, just like fashion, changes with the seasons. Tae-Bo anyone? As we move into 2015, no doubt many of you will already be thinking about your new year’s resolutions and getting fit will be at the top of many a list. With this in mind, I decided to review this year’s offerings and then look at some of the trends we are going to be seeing in the new, prosperous and much healthier year ahead.

Wearable Technology 

The trend of wearable technology is showing no signs of slowing but now we are seeing brands incorporate it further into fitness and not just fashion.

"Wearable technology is showing no signs of slowing"
"Wearable technology is showing no signs of slowing"

Nike have been the leaders of the pack for a while with their Nike+ FuelBand range that tracks activity levels, calorie intake, sleep and much more. But with Nike announcing the end of their FuelBand it opens up the doors for rivals. 

We are seeing more and more brands emerging all the time, including household software giant Microsoft. The originally named Microsoft Band will perform many of the tasks already available on the market but with prices estimated to start around £150 they are putting considerable pressure on competitors and are sure to get consumers talking about who their next purchase will be with. 

Functional Training 

Throughout 2014 we have seen a steady increase in more and more traditional methods of working out, including the use of barbells, kettlebells and bodyweight movements. This is set to increase further as we move into 2015.

"Crossfit now has 10,000 gyms worldwide"
"Crossfit now has 10,000 gyms worldwide"

Crossfit, a company which only started in 2000 and now has over 10,000 gyms worldwide has been responsible for much of this trend and has seen a huge influx in female members with the words "Strong is the new skinny" often being thrown around. 

With no need for a gym membership, body-weight only workouts allow you to save pounds and lose them at the same time. Climbing, lifting and squatting are all movements we experience in day-to-day life making strong man training not only fun and different but also natural and relevant. 

Intelligent Workout Systems 

Statistics and data collection are no longer just for athletes since regular people are increasingly interested in finding out exactly how their bodies are performing and what they are achieving from their workouts.

"Statistics are no longer just for athletes"
"Statistics are no longer just for athletes"

Gone are the days of programming treadmills and finishing for it to have only recorded 1 mile of the 5 you ran. In 2015 we can expect to see higher end ultra-intelligent fitness technology such as High Octane Ride, a high intensity training bike that uses Cardiovascular Optimisation Logic and algorithms to automatically adjust your training experience, record the data, spur you on and even make those results available on your smartphone.

Ditching the Personal Trainer 

If you’re unsure what you should be doing in the gym, the best thing you can do is hire a personal trainer to show you the ropes and get you the results you want right?

"A fitness coach could cost you £600 a month"
"A fitness coach could cost you £600 a month"

Unfortunately, this comes at a cost and 1 session a week with your coach could cost you anywhere up to £600 a month! In 2015 we may see an increase in more people investing in training courses as the focus on fitness continues to grow and people look to expand their knowledge. 

Companies such as Body Type Nutrition and The Academy of Fitness Professionals are among many who offer high-end courses in exercise basics, nutrition and advanced fitness, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for all levels of exercise enthusiasts to get stuck into. 

So there we have it, four exercise trends I expect we will see more of in 2015. From traditional training to futuristic fitness, there’s something to suit everyone looking to get that beach body in check.

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